Mexico churches find way to jam cellphones, what do you think?

by DaCheech 10 Replies latest social current

  • DaCheech
  • Satanus

    Cellphone jammers disguised as cellphones; where can i get one?


  • czarofmischief

    I think my bar has one... mostly to block federal snooping!

    Don't take no credit cards, neither...


  • Country_Woman

    There have to be some jammers in my area too: Most cellphones here can't be used "no network"

    to be honest, I think these churches have the right to do so.

  • jwbot

    They should have that in movie theatres too... and the lecture hall I have a class in! As long as it does not interfiere with my wi-fi internet access!!!

  • DaCheech

    What happens though if an emergency call is trying to get a hold of you?

    Or lets say people with auto/theft devices.... that device notices your car being taken, tries to call you and guess what? You did not receive the call until 2 hours later!

  • jwbot

    Da Cheech...well there are a lot of places that do not have reception anyway...and a lot of people who do not have cell phones to begin with...

    But I hate using arguments like that. Doctors, for example, need their cell phones in case of emergency. Dumb-fuck college girls (I am one, but not a dumb one) do NOT need to be talking on the phone to their boyfriend. grr.

  • Misty Dawn
    Misty Dawn

    Now if there was a way to shut down those obnoxious auto stereo's when they pull up along side of you...I'd pay a fortune.MD

  • DaCheech

    Jam all radio receptions within 50 feet of your house or car! It's your right to peace correct?

  • Purza

    I would have died (figuratively) without my cell phone at the KH. Towards the end I was spending more time sending text messages than actually listening.


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