Not Allowed To Enter U.S. Because of Religious Affiliation?

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  • roybatty
    Roy Batty you are justifying your country┬┤s bullying and I need nothing more to see that you support an oppressive regime. Your opinion.

    At what point would you deal with Iraq, Iran, Syria and North Korea? It's a differnt world we live even. Even the threat to make nukes has to be acted on. Again I ask you, what would YOU do with Iran? In the past they've promised not to develop nukes but now it appears that they've been lying for the past 18 years. Trust them to stop? Boy, that worked great with the North Koreans! Please tell me your plan. How can you negociate with countries that simply don't care what the outside world thinks? We are no longer dealing with rogue nations who want to bring down a plane. They want to get their hands on nukes and kill as many people as possible.

    Regarding Cat Stevens. It's quite evident that not only is he sympathetic to terrorists groups but that he also supports them. Reason enough to not allow him in this country. This isn't an isolated incident. Here in the Chicago-land area, the Feds have investigated and arrested many Muslim leaders who's "charities" support Hamas. Don't take my word for it, go to the Chicago Tribune's web site and read it yourself.

    Regarding Simon's comment on Israel. Question for you. Would you rather be a Muslim or Christian living in Israel or a Jew living in, oh take you pick, Iraq, Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia? Israel is far from perfect and it's good to see it's own people question the government. Haven't seen too many Muslim's question their government's attitude toward Israel though. Oh, I also didn't see any Israelis cheering when 911 happened, but it seems to me that many Muslims were in the streets cheering. And you wonder why we support Israel.

  • zion sleeping
    zion sleeping

    shame??? NO!!! KEEP ALL OF THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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