Not Allowed To Enter U.S. Because of Religious Affiliation?

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  • sf

    My all-time favorite Cat Stevens tune. Sounds as if he wrote this with feelings of conversion. Maybe not, yet it seems so:

    Father and Son Cat Stevens

    It's not time to make a change
    Just relax, take it easy
    You're still young, that's your fault
    There's so much you have to know
    Find a girl, settle down
    If you want, you can marry
    Look at me, I am old
    But I'm happy

    I was once like you are now
    And I know that it's not easy
    To be calm when you've found
    Something going on
    But take your time, think a lot
    I think of everything you've got
    For you will still be here tomorrow
    But your dreams may not

    How can I try to explain
    When I do he turns away again
    And it's always been the same
    Same old story
    From the moment I could talk
    I was ordered to listen
    Now there's a way and I know
    That I have to go away
    I know I have to go

    It's not time to make a change
    Just sit down and take it slowly
    You're still young that's your fault
    There's so much you have to go through
    Find a girl, settle down
    If you want, you can marry
    Look at me, I am old
    But I'm happy

    All the times that I've cried
    Keeping all the things I knew inside
    And it's hard, but it's harder
    To ignore it
    If they were right I'd agree
    But it's them they know, not me
    Now there's a way and I know
    That i have to go away
    I know I have to go

  • jwbot

    Well, Cat Stevens was giving money to a terrorist group (humas or something...)

    BUT there have been others, celebrity or not...that are coming to the us to find out their perfectly legal passport is "illegitimate" in the of their nationality or religion. A couple very prominent (in the art world) professors were suppossed to come to an art festival at my University but they were not let in because of their nationality! They were on the government watch list...I guess the government does not like artists?

    Free nation, huh?

  • Englishman
    My all-time favorite Cat Stevens tune. Sounds as if he wrote this with feelings of conversion. Maybe not, yet it seems so:

    Father and Son Cat Stevens

    My favourite too.

    When I first met Her Ladyship we went out for the day and then I went to her place for coffee. She pulled out a guitar and sang Father and Son to me, all the way through.

    Knockout, absolute knockout.


  • BluesBrother

    Get this for a piece of non information baloney

    intelligence sources in recent weeks indicated the peace activist may have associations with potential terrorists.

    From the US Govt and reported by the News Org that is "Fair and Balanced"

    O k , so Cat Stevens is an old singer and I tend to be biased . But I would recommend that all those on here who have made sweeping generalisations as to his guilt , to visit his website and see what the man has to say. It may come as a surprise to some to realise that all muslims with beards are not terrorists

    I have already had words with sister BB over this so I might as well do so with my friends on the board

  • Satanus

    Well, if ted kennedy is a terrorist (as per the govt), then how far away are the internment camps? I mean, what proportion of the us population have sentiments close to those of ted kennedy, politically speaking?


  • roybatty

    D8TA, where's your response?????

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Shame on the U.S., once more.

    Oh here we go again.... shame on U.S. "once more" ... "bad" U.S., "bad" "bad"...

    Then he was asked if he thought "that it was acceptable to kill infidels, non believers" He squirmed around and dodged the question. He would not say, that killing non believers was wrong or that he didn't accept that concept.

    Sounds like the government made the right call. At least he could have faked it and said "no, I don't believe in killing non-believers". Hey... I'm a "non-beliver" to him... does he have it in for me or my family, or does he support those who do? I'm GLAD they didn't let him in.

    Good on Home Security.
    Hear HEAR !!!
  • D8TA
    D8TA, where's your response?????

    Very simple: Allegations without proof. Show me a list of what groups he has been supporting, and proof to go with that? Quotes of violence against the U.S. ( not anti-U.S. statements, such as criticisms )? Phrases? Where is the proof? The man is a pacifist for Christ´s sake...Allah´s? It´s funny actually, here you have a pacifist ( and many other´s, many Brazilians come back to Brazil with experiences about being yanked off planes and interrogated because they simply LOOK mid-eastern ) who is denied entry into the U.S., you sit here trying to justify it, when your very politics, markets, corporations, and military go into other countries...without U.N. or other coutries support. Guess your arrogance and fear gives you the right. How about a compromise: U.S. doesn´t want people going to the U.S. ( immigrants, people with different non-violent ideas, pacifists, the poor, the cold, the hungry ) right? You think that everyone is a terrorist and swing axes with labels and want to justify your position for ¨homeland security¨...fair enough, it´s YOUR land. How about this: Get your politics, markets, and military out of other peoples are not wanted nor needed. How about all of YOU, stay at home in your comfy U.S. and just not come here, or anywhere else? We don´t need your bomb´s, bullets, tanks, planes, markets, politics, idealisms, policy, and products. You are not offering these to world, you are forcing...and it´s the world that is telling you so. You don´t bring peace, you make war and depend on it with military or corporate-market-economic force. The funny thing about this, it doesn´t touch you now...but one day it will. Directly or indirectly ( a family member or loved one ) who is going to be put on some ¨list¨ with nothing more than allegations, then you will cry about how unfair it is....and nobody will listen, because you were so hard headed and arrogant to realise there are people trying to stop this great travesity against justice and freedom before it goes any further. Don´t think it will happen? ( Oh oh...I feel another, ¨I told you so¨ moment arisen ) *waves hands in the air* Oh lordy, lordy... gonna make-a prophesy...within the next 6 months-ah...attitudes will-a-change-a due to another scandel-o-ah in the U.S. of A-ah. What does it take, to have a nation wake up and take of it´s blindfolds? Nothing. Fruitless, why even try? Like a spoiled child with a hard head who says, ¨I am right, right, right, right, and the whole world...every other country that critcizes me and my 2 wrong, wrong, wrong.¨ * smirks and smiles, and winks *

  • lawrence


    "Eyes to see, but they do not see. Ears to hear, but they do not hear."

  • kgfreeperson

    I'm perfectly willing to accept that my off-the-top-of-my-head opinion is wrong. I just kind of wrote Cat Stevens off when he publicly supported the fatwah against Rushdie. Reflects my values, I know, but still.

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