Hey lazy people...

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  • Princess

    To get well toned abs, you have to work them using good old fashioned crunches. However, if you don't lose the excess body fat covering them, no one will see that lovely six pack.

    Gadgets that don't cause pain in your abs the next day will not work.

    Do you mind if I quote the great sage Robin Williams? "Stop buying stupid shit."

    OMG, I love that.

    Rachel (certified personal trainer)

  • Brummie

    All my dreams of being a stud in the next two weeks are shattered! >>>crys<<<

    How do I do crunches? Sit ups? Dont like em. Any other way?

    I've only ever been 2pounds overweight, I look like I'm a stone underweight, but that 2pound looks like its growing on my stomach, if I lie down you cant even see it but sometimes I have to get offa my back and walk...

  • Satanus


    Maybe they had them drawn on


    Ps, did you by chance save the videos?

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