Hey lazy people...

by Brummie 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brummie

    Have you ever used an Abgymnic (electronic gymnastic device)? to tone, sculp and firm your abs?

    Do they work and are there side effects?

    I tried one on today and got the electro's pulsing, will I be a stud again in a few weeks if I use em? lol

    I want to be a stuuuuurrrrrd.



  • Xena

    Just don't over do and end up like this

    I have one but I'm to lazy to use it

  • Brummie

    But that is sho me! Apart from the fact I'm a bit slimmer around the ears.

    ((((((squishy)))))) lol @ being lazy to use it though

  • Billygoat

    Never used an abgymnic, but bought an AbDolly several years ago. GREAT ab workout!!! (When you use it.)

  • candidlynuts

    if its upright and can handle the weight of the clothes you toss on it then buy it.

    if its something you'll stub your toes on when you stop using it , pass it by.

    (advice from a fat chick..gotta love me!)

  • Brummie

    You lazy people are just too funny :)

  • dorothy

    tone, sculpt, and firm your abs? You've been watching waaaaayyyy to many infomercials.

    STEP AWAY from the TV.

  • Princess

    C'mon Brummie, basic ab crunches are cheaper and take up less room.


  • gumby
    Have you ever used an Abgymnic (electronic gymnastic device)? to tone, sculp and firm your abs?

    All I have to do to have a 6 pack lookin belly, is quit eating Oreo's and milk before I go to bed everynight. Instead I should drink a 6 pack of coronas.........then my belly would look like a 6 pack.

    *hates anything that requires effort or sweat class* ..............cept for that


  • Panda

    Brummie, Do you mind if I quote the great sage Robin Williams? "Stop buying stupid shit." The info-mercials are phony baloney. No one will ever get 6-pack abs using one of those contraptions...no one. Ask those women volley ball players from the Olympics. They probably will share their work out secrets with you. I have never seen more well defined abs on women in my life. They were fantastic looking.

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