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  • Netty
    newly baptized vigor

    Iisnt vigor one of those nauseating jw buzz words, never used outside of the jw envirnoment bubble/planet

    You nailed it BARF, and double barf.


  • gumby

    Red denotes what she's REALLY thinking

    im thinking about my spiritual brothers in my school.

    I'm thinking about their arses

    From who i know, im only considering Andrew and Joel.

    They both have nice arses

    Chris is a fake and he like stalks me at school. And he lies. I HATE that! Anyway, i like talking to Andrew, 'cause he is so encouraging.

    Andrew has a nice arse

    He has that Just Got Baptized vigor, and its really nice.

    Now I can REALLY think about his arse!

    And his brothers just cute.

    He has a nice arse too.


  • CeriseRose

    I'm trying desperately to refrain from posting something back.

  • gumby
    I'm trying desperately to refrain from posting something back.

    Aaaaaaawwwwwwwww c'mon and just do it....we'll get a kick out of it. Besides...we need some laughter in the damn house! *talks in his best Satan voice* Gumby

  • DanTheMan
    He has that Just Got Baptized vigor

  • SAHS
    . . . instead of burdening the brothers with 5 days of convention wouldnt it be better to assist those harmed in the hurricane?

    Well, brothers, it?s not good for us to get involved in such worldly distractions being soooo close to the end, is it not? Isn?t it? Is not it? Yes. Is it not?

    ?SAHS (of the oh-so-talented Writing Department class)


    eeeeeek!!! A good l'il dub posting on the INTERNET!!!

    Give her a year, she'll be posting on JWD!!!


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