Sunday Talk: U.N. Worlds' most corrupt organization.

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  • willyloman

    Down thru the years, the WTS has made it clear this is exactly how they feel about the UN but, as we all know, about 10 years ago they changed their tune (at least publicly) and began to devote much praise to the UN in (some of) their publications. It's left to unscripted talks like this one to get the word out about how wicked this "doomed" organization is, "according to the bible."

    This produces a dichotomy of thought that explains why dubs go into denial when they are told the facts about the Watchtower's UN/NGO affair.

  • czarofmischief

    I mean, I'm no fan of the UN, but to hug it with one hand and slap with the other is like a prostitute being paid to talk dirty.


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