Rutherford Wore This!

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    Radio-Solar Pad

    The Golden Age, June 23, 1920 , page 607 [!! Can?t get away from that number!! --VM44]

    Comment on the Foregoing [article by J.W. Coolidge, M.D., Life and The Life-Giver]

    By J. F. Rutherford

    The article by Dr. Coolidge concerning the application of radium as a vital force is interesting to me. About a year ago I suffered from a severe case of pleuro-pneumonia, and Dr. Coolidge was my physician. During the period of convalescence he provided me with a radio-solar pad, or belt, which I wore with great profit to myself. I have since recommended it to others, who have likewise benefited by it. This pad I understand is manufactured by the Radium Appliance Company of Los Angeles,California, and the process of manufacture is to diffuse through a mass of paste by the power of electricity a small quantity of radium, and out of this the pad is manufactured. If the pad is held in the sunlight for five minutes, it can be taken into a dark room and will photograph itself. In other words, it absorbs the energy of the sun and transmits that to the human system. I believe that this will prove very beneficial to humanity; and so recognizing it, I am glad to call attention to it.

    Radio-Solar Pad Ad

    Radium Appliance Co. of Los Angeles offered, by mail, Degnen's Radio-Active Solar Pad, "worn on the back by day and over the stomach at night," its ad instructed. "Thousands have written us that has healed them of Neuritis, Rheumatism, High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Nervous Prostration, Hear, Lungs, Liver, Kidney and Bladder trouble, etc."

    Degnen's Standard Radioactive Solar Pad (1915-1930)

    M.L. Degnen, "the man who made this pad possible," has been associated with the development of the science of "radio-activity" since its inception. The knowledge thus gained has culminated in the "Radio-active Solar Pad," or so stated the literature of the Radium Appliance Company of Los Angeles.

    This device was somewhat unusual in that it was supposed to be charged in sunlight prior to use. The manufacturer explained that its "radio-activity is further increased by exposing the pad to sunlight" and "when applied to the body, the pad immediately begins to discharge this energy into the system, sending the lifegiving current through the blood and nervous system."

    Degnen's Radio-Active Solar Pad seems to have been produced in two versions: the one shown in the top photo that contains purified radium, and the one in the lower photograph that contains a relatively small amount of uranium ore. The manufacturer's literature that I have seen only refers to the use of radium. I suspect that the company might have switched to uranium sometime around 1930. If true, a switch might have been made because the uranium would have been a less expensive alternative to radium. Another possible reason for a switch: radium was getting some bad press in the late 1920s due, in part, to the deaths of the radium dial painters.

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    Rutherford died in 1942 from bowl cancer. The Radio-Solar pad contained radium which is highly radioactive. There may have been other causes for the cancer, but I am sure wearing a radioactive device would not help! --VM44

  • RunningMan

    I see Watchtower science has been remained at its current standard for quite some time.

  • VM44

    Look at the address for the Radium Appliance Co. in the ad. They were located in the "Bradbury Building"

    This is the building shown in the movie "Bladerunner".

    It was supposed to be, in the 1920s, an advanced building of the future!


    Bradbury Building

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  • baltar447

    To be fair, there was tons of quackery going on during this time period. Of course this kinda proves that the WT breeds loons.

  • The Fence
    The Fence

    What an awesome photo VM44. Good film trivia also. Kind of makes you wonder if it would be safe to live or work in there what with Radium belt making & all. I read an article once about people getting sick from working in a watch factory. It was their job to apply the radium goop to watch faces for that glow in the dark effect. Think I'll dust off the ol copy of Bladerunner for a spin.

  • Farkel


    YOu said:

    : Rutherford died in 1942 from bowl cancer.

    I posted his death certificate many years ago on this board, and as I recall is was rectal cancer, but I could be wrong.

    My post of his death certificate is somewhere in the archives here on this board.


  • The Quiet One
  • Farkel

    the quiet one,

    Thank you for finding my original link for Rutherford's death certificate! The Death certificate said "carcinoma of the rectus."

    I am just an amateur, but I translate to mean, (roughly translated), "he was an asshole who died from cancer of his asshole, and everything else in his body that trickeled down to his sorry asshole."

    Of course, I'm a tad bit biased about the asshole who was called "The Judge". I'm pretty sure he was a major asshole, though. He sure in the hell ruined thousands and thousands of lives and families with his 1925 fiasco and his subsequent 1941 'Children' crusade where he basically banned marriage and bringing new children into this world.

    Doesn't anyone find it it ironic that his book "Children" is against having them?

    Note to alert readers: JFR was so drunk delivering his "Children" speach that he needed help getting to and from the stage to deliver it.

    Quite the role model, that "Judge'.


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