Whats the Biggest JW contradiction?

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  • sleepy

    What do you think the biggest contradiction was in JW teaching or logic?
    I remember people confronted us with the argument that maybe over thousands of years the Bible has changed, we would probably say any changes were minor, and we have The Dead Sea Scrolls etc that don't vary much from the Bible today.
    Yet when asked by people with a little knowledge about the Bible why the name Jehovah was not in any manuscripts of the new testament, we would effectivly says its because they have been changed over time.
    Duh, and double duh.

  • Margie

    I think that the biggest contradiction is that a god of love will destroy billions of people for displeasing him. Maybe it's just me, but how loving does that seem to you?

  • Jez

    That they are the true religion because they have love amongst themselves.

  • little1

    The biggest contradiction is that they say they have the truth, but they consistently lie or misrepresent facts. Omission/commission. Lies are lies and they are full of them (and it).

  • Soledad

    that we have "free will." not if you're a JW!

  • Leolaia

    How about citing the words "according to their kinds" as a proof against evolution when they discuss Genesis, chapter 1, but then are required to interpret the same phrase as implying super-fast evolution when they discuss Genesis, chapter 6, in order to explain how Noah was able to fit most of the animal kingdom into his humble ark.

  • Elsewhere

    We didn't lie... the truth changed!

  • Farkel

    : What do you think the biggest contradiction was in JW teaching or logic?

    Where do I start? The list of dub oxymorons is almost endless.

    "Spiritual Paradise"

    "Christian Freedom"

    "Free Home Bible Study" (It will cost you everything worthwhile in life)

    "Reasoning From the Scriptures" (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!)

    "Bible-Based Teachings" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    "Spirit Directed"

    "In The Truth"

    "Disfellowshiping is a loving provision"

    "Bible Study" (the Bible is not studied. Books are studied. The Bible is only used as a reference for what the books say.)

    "Theocratic War Strategy" (lying)

    "Spiritual Endangerment" (possible loss of a worker bee endangerment)

    "Scriptural Grounds" (WTS grounds, e.g. going to the YMCA)

    "Old Light" (old lies do NOT equal "light")

    "Public Talk" (the public never attends)

    "Celebration of the Lord's Evening Meal" (makes funerals look like a Frat party)

    That's just for starters!


  • core

    "The Truth" will make you "FREE" - now theres a contradiction when you experience the reality - loss of freedom/speech/initiative/enterprise/ all gone to the god of WT speak

  • SAHS

    If you clink your glasses at a JW wedding reception, they would probably throw you out because it?s apparently connected with ?false religion? (not true!), BUT the cover of the Watch Tower magazine itself actually had a cross on it! That?s like straining the bacteria on a gnat but gulping down a friggin? dinosaur! (Ya just gotta love Matthew chapter 23. You know . . . Pharisees!)


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