shameful confession

by czarofmischief 20 Replies latest social entertainment

  • Celia

    Czar and Elsewhere : You're too funny, ROFL here....

  • liquidsky
    Seems very sweet too. I agree she is very talented

    Oh come on Mulan. Admit it! She's hot!

  • jwbot

    Czar and Elsewhere, you guys are too funny.

    But on a serious note, I expect you to foward any evidence of this debauchery to me, for review.

    Anyway, I find her very attractive and talented and more and more she grows on me. I have really liked this "classic" look and style she has of late:

    But the burlesque thing she can pull off so well too:

    She has come a long way style-wise. She is so sexy.

  • candidlynuts

    calm down you horndogs

    and remember inside of all of us pleasantly plump women who sing like frogs theres a christina in us somewhere.... you just gotta look harder,...........maybe while inebriated............ maybe while really really wasted.............maybe being wasted and be without a woman for many many years.....but SHES IN HERE SOMEWHERE! lmao

    remember the wise saying : Somewhere inside of me is a skinny bitch begging to get out..but i can usually shut her up with chocolate.

  • czarofmischief

    Don't be hating, CN - I'm sure Christina's got love for you too, if you swing that way. In fact, maybe we can all.. heh heh heh...

    jwbot - her videos are on her website. Those nasty, dirty videos with all that glistening skin and rippling muscle and flaunting of her Original Sin Zones...


  • Satanus

    Where is this promised website of hers?? Just kidding. Carryon gang.


  • shotgun


    Is this part of the Fantasy/Logic thread? you weep and gnash your teeth when moaning and groaning about those disgusting have to do the whole thing ya know to fullfill the scripture.

  • Panda

    Christina Aguilara is FANTASTIC. She is talented and sexy AND imaginative. I've always felt that the way she dresses is just how she's feeling. I also like a woman who changes the color of her hair every now and then.

  • Corvin

    I agree, CA is hot and talented.

    I'd like to introduce you to my p rotégé, Stephanie Jones. I discovered her on the Albertson's picket line a few months back while Mary was locked out of her store. This recording was done right here in my livingroom.

    I was managing her for awhile, but like so many talented, beautiful young women, she is very difficult to handle. She was a pain in the arse and I ripped up our contract because she was just simply too unmanageable. Take a listen.

    I produced an entire covers cd for her, no charge, and I also did the cover art and photography. Such a shame this one was a total spaz because she has so much potential.


  • ApagaLaLuz

    Yes she's hot! But above that she has a beautiful voice. I'm glad she stripped off some of that makeup, it really was a distraction from an amazing voice inside that tiny little girl

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