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  • meggidon555

    I done with atheist for a time I'll get back to that with another thread later

    This is for thiest or maybe the imaginative athiest

    What caused god to create the universe logic or emotion.

    I'm for either

    though I favor emotion, love

    but I hit some thing when I was talking to the athiest

    maybe he needed a reason for going on purpose creating us, logic

    any comments

  • dh

    logic is more reliable

  • Pole

    Assuming that a personal God exists, how exactly do we know he must have the kind of emotions we are familiar with, so we can discuss them?

    Are we supposed to know it from the Bible?

    If God has the kind of emotions which the OT attributes to him, then he is at least emotionally unstable.

    If we take what most of the NT implies about God's emotions, then his emotions are totally out of keeping with what he does, or rather with what he fails to do. No personal being with the kind of emotions normal humans have would let us suffer to such an extent. God may have a "divine plan of ages" but he is rather devoid of empathy.

    If we refute the Bible (Editted to add: which is what we should do in the context of this discussion) because of its unreliability in discussing God's emotions, then what are we left with?

    Either way any discussion on God's emotions is doomed to end up as a useless exercise in producing tons of mutually exclusive anthropomorphisms which do not relate to reality in any verifiable way.

  • meggidon555

    let me see if I created some like an sentient adroid I would use my personality as a base program ( watch the outer limits i'm not theonly one)

    I think god did the same.

    so understanding humans, animals, and somethimes books ( that is all we have of past knowledge outdated as it may seem )

    in my opinion would lead us to the personality of the being that created it

  • Pole

    I understand your assumption, but the problem is that all the evidence I've mentioned in my first post clearly shows that the constructor is not like the little robots he's made in terms of emotions if we use your metaphor.

    Check what the Bible says about God's emotions and you'll see that if we believe those descriptions then God comes across as a sociopath.

    So, the sources of knowledge about God's emotions you've suggested (creation/bible) are either totally unreliable or they simply prove that we can't conceive of God's emotions in rational terms.

    How else can we know about the nature of God's emotions if they are nothing like we know, and there is no reliable source of information about them?

    You see? There's nothing to discuss here.

    BTW, As I predicted... you've used the first antropomorphism by saying: "if I was God"..... There's many more to come if you want to continue with this discussion... All of them are rather useless....

    Just a warning.

  • meggidon555

    good let dicuss things irrationaly can you do it!

    maybe god is a sociopath think of that.

    infitnily alone can do that to you.

    think like this

    you see a machine broken with people arround looking at it asking questions

    how did it break

    who broke it

    how do we fix it

    who will fix it

    while there arguing you walk see it broken

    don't say a word to them

    you go find a manual

    and start to fix it

    you have trouble you go get help

    machine fixed

    mean while those people are ticked that you did not answer the qusetions before you started working

    you did because you were tired of it being broken and the three wise men arguing

    I lose alot of games but I don't stop playing I adapt and learn

    you never find a weakness when you stop

    merovigian : it's amazing how this patern of love resembles insanity

  • hillary_step


    so understanding humans, animals, and somethimes books ( that is all we have of past knowledge outdated as it may seem ) in my opinion would lead us to the personality of the being that created it

    So, when a stick insect eats a aphid head first while it is still alive, what does this tell us about your God?


  • Pole


    good let dicuss things irrationaly can you do it!

    Entertaining as it may be, my point was: let's stick to facts and whatever can be considered evidence.

    The bible doesn't tell us anything rational or consistent about God's emotions. The observable Universe gives us no clue. And as h_s pointed out the living creation proves that he not only created flowers and butterflies but also penguins trying to push each other off the ice because the first one in the water gets devoured, and so the the other ones are safe for a while. Hope God enjoys watching these marvels of creation too.

    My stand: no evidence, probably no god, no emotions, no discussion.

    But that's because I don't feel like making up fairy tales tonight. It's just bitter me - sorry if I sound harsh. I'm sure there are other folks here who enjoy having irrational discussions for the thrill of it.

    Peace to you!

  • Carmel

    Pure jealousy and anger. Those are the highest form of female logic so it had to be those...

    caveman running for cover

  • Nat-Oz

    I can't help myself, I would love for everything I do to be well thought out and rational but I love to love, I love to hate, I love to cry, I love to smile .

    I love to feel.

    My heart rules me.

    Good or bad, its the best feeling in the world.

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