Born in apostasy?

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  • TD

    Comments from 64 years ago are interesting in a morbid sort of way, but medical ethics; the law and even the JW blood doctrine itself have evolved since then.

    If a young child (Not a "Mature Minor") needs a preparation or procedure forbidden by the JW's today, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that there will be a court order.  --Real quick...

  • zeb
    Minutae indeed but the sort of micron stuff the gb in its Pharasee like legalistic thinking would ponder and worse.. make some ruling on. (Only to change their minds a time later)
  • rebel8

    Who knows how they would regard that situation if it was real.

    I was told that the fact I had fractions as a toddler (before becoming a dub), made me "damaged goods like a rape victim" and I would probably never be so fortunate as to find a bro willing to marry me. The issue would be compounded if I ever had fractions forced upon me.

    Both of those situations were involuntary, and my spiritual and social status as a jw was lessened.

  • TD

    Who knows how they would regard that situation if it was real.

    The scenario proposed doesn't work, but here's one that probably does:

    1. Emergency Cesarean section at 36 weeks gestation for Rh isoimmunization.
    2. Exchange transfusion administered immediately. --All the baby's blood is replaced.

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