Where were God's chosen ppl between bible times and late 1800's?

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  • Lecari12RuleU

    Has anyone else ever wondered where God's "chosen people" were in the hundreds of years between when Jesus was alive in Bible days and when Charles T. Russell came onto the scene and started the Bible Students in the late 1890's? If JW's are God's "chosen religion" then wouldn't his ppl have records of their being around the WHOLE time? This does not make any sense to me. Anyone else ever wonder about this? Where were the witnesses in the 1600's? 1700's? etc.? They just didn't exist? Or did Jehovah allow his ppl to be Catholic or Christian for a few hundred years (during the Crusades and such) and then cause them to go and become the Bible Students "Jehovah's Witnesess"???? Comments? Things we ponder over................

  • meggidon555

    any one that stoud up for the truth I E the ones translating the bible

    even if it is just a book at least some catholic priest can't just hold it over some ones head and say the bible said it

    kill him he's an antichrist

  • RR

    C.T. Russell believed the Lord's people were in the nominal systems.


  • roybatty

    An even better question is "who was the faithful and descreet slave" during that same period of time? Who was Jehovah directing?

  • jgnat

    The Waldenses were one group the Witnesses claim were carrying the "Truth". They started up in the sixteenth century, but like many sects, some claimed they had succession all the way back to Peter.

    Also fun is to take an in-depth view of the doctrines of the Waldenses. Would they make good Witnesses today?

  • czarofmischief

    The British Empire, of course...


  • new light
    new light

    For an in-depth, accurate answer to your question, see the "Proclaimers" book.

  • Nosferatu

    They were the Adventists

  • Lecari12RuleU

    I'm just saying that it's stupid cause they're ALWAYS talking the JW's from CTRussels' time on and all the experiences they tell are always from the 40's, etc. But you never have heard an experience like "there was a faithful brother who lived in Saxon England in 1380...." just an example. But it's just stupid that history books cover practically everything, all the famous people who lived all throughout history, every decade and the JW's only discuss Jesus' time period, i.e. "biblical times" and modern day (1890's on) for their existanne. IT's insane. You would think they would have a record of where the "society" was in between those time periods. Makes one think that the Bible Students/JW religion just started up with CT Russell and his teachings since there's no historical evidence that they existed at all up until then. Also, they celebrated birthdays, holidays, the works up till 1914? And smoking up till the 50's I believe? So they were practically worldly-like in their ways anyway. It's just stupid. The light keeps getting brighter my butt. More like "let's just make this cult more strict and more different than the other religions and outside ppl to have a better hold on them".....

  • Kenneson

    Your 1890s date is a bit off. Russell began Zion's Watch Tower magazine in 1879, but the Witnesses date his original Bible class to 1870. However, I'm in full agreement with everything else you said.

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