My ex-wife/ex-mother-in-law hired a thug to "hurt" me

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  • orangefatcat

    The Police for sure.

    Gee what are JW's drinking these days?


  • kwintestal

    Just a question...These thugs, do they happen to be PT elders as well? Wouldn't surprise me some of the stuff I've been through.


  • czarofmischief

    Get a lawyer. Today. Call one. Get him to start covering your ass RIGHT NOW. You are in deep shit if they can frame you. You can be pre-emptive. Get a lawyer, find out how you can start collecting evidence against these freaks and maybe get a civil suit going to protect yourself.

    Buy a gun, too. Who know WHAT they are going to do? If they can get you inside their house they can shoot you and claim you broke in and it will be justifiable homicide, at least in most states in the USA. I dunno how it is where you are.

    Lawyers, guns, and start saving your cash.


  • avishai
    They feel, and I agree that they helped me out by letting me know what's going on, so I have to respect their desire for anonymity.

    Bullshit. You owe these thugs nothing except for a day in the slammer. Obviously they're amateurs, a pro would NOT talk first. So why are you scared? Geez.

    The police WON'T be able to help you until after your ex and her mother and law have done their damage unless you turn these idiots in. You owe your children a father, you do NOT owe these second rate thumbbreakers shit!!! Think about your kids, not loyalty to idiots.

  • avishai


  • willy_think

    It is bullshit you know. I will not advocate violence, so I'll say nothing.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    get a lawyer.....

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I have been subjected to criminal threatening,stalking and assults by the Jehovah's Witnesses cult goons for God.

    I always break up the L.O.S. line of sight so the f**kers don't know where im at.

    The community leaders know the show.

    I am armed at home and i don't go out at night.

    Always document everything.

    Prudent not paranoid,undaunted Danny

  • outbutnotdown


    I appreciate your advice and consideration for my welfare and in no way do I condone or respect what these guys were about to do. I had met K. a few times through a friend, but I had no idea that he was capable of doing what he has since admitted he was prepared to do.

    However, in comparison to my ex mother-in-law, he's a saint. Think about it. I am the father of her grandchildren and she has tried to have me framed for sexually assaulting my child and then, when that didn't work, she resorted to trying to have me hurt or worse. She also admitted to K. that she is planning to frame me for something else, since I SUPPOSEDLY got away with the sexual assault thing. And it seems that her only real motive is that I have prevented my children from being raised as a JW. At the same time, K. has basically prevented the other people from doing what he was about to do. I know it doesn't make it right but he's a better ally than the grandmother of my children is to me.

    Then we get to the fear of what he might have done to me if I go against what he says. If I went behind his back, after, IN HIS OPINION, he has looked out for me, I'm sure he would get back at me, after the sentence or whatever. HIS PERCEPTION of my treatment of him is far more important than my idea of what is just.

    I'm out of money, but I think I will get a free half-hour consultation with a lawyer. A lawyer might have a better idea of other options I may have.


  • Brummie

    Darn obnd, this is a worry, if those witnesses are you're friends they will go all the way with you to get the police to take notice, stuff the anonimity, would you not reveal you're identity to support a friend in danger?. It definately needs reporting and you're ex should recieve a letter from the authorities to let her know her behaviour has been recorded. Dont let this one go if you think its a real threat.

    Take care and keep safe.


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