Is this Web site a joke?

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  • Quotes

    Homeros, welcome to the board, and thanks for your Web site. I hope I didn't blow your cover!

    avishai, thanks for the edification!

    ~Quotes, of the "Propaganda of any colour you want, as long as you want black" class

  • Homeros

    Thank you for the compliments. It was quite amusing to see the reactions, and in fact I am a little surprised it took so long before ideas like this emerged. When writing some of the 'refutations' I wondered: "How far can you go before it is too obvious?" And guess what: in the guestbook are even entries by JWs thanking me for the material presented at the website. They even used my refutations in the field-service! I translated some Dutch entries: "Some allegations I also encountered when preaching. Of course I knew they could not be true, but I did not know how to respond. Thanks for your good work".
    Another one: "Thank you for the messages you deal with here. These are bottle-necks indeed that are raised every now and then and then I do not know how to respond. By treating these issues we are better capable to answer the public and let their doubts flow away that way. Perhaps many can be found that way".

  • Homeros

    About blowing my cover: please do not write congratulatory entries in the guest-book! For the rest I'm not too pessimistic. After all, what loyal JW would visit an apostate discussion forum like this?!

  • Panda

    Avishai, Thanks for the info on Black Propaganda... I get hooked on research!

    Homerous, Welcome. My grandmother was Dutch.

  • Homeros

    For "interested persons":

    Reading about Sefton Delmer gave me the idea for the website.

  • Pole


    As a person who lived in the former communist bloc, I guessed your intentions immediately (see my post above). :)))

    You could be a KGB agent in the Department of Provocative Propaganda.

  • Mum


    Welcome to the board. How special it must feel to be the darling of loyal JW's and "evil apostates." I used to want everyone to like me. Thanks for showing me how should I revert to my former more stupid self.



  • Preston

    Black propaganda

    Black propaganda is propaganda that purports to be from a source on one side of some conflict, but is actually from the opposing side.

    Thanks Avishai, now I have a way I can define the "Bush Memo"....oooohhhhhhhh...ouch!

  • seesthesky

    deception again - why?

  • avishai
    deception again - why?

    Show me one thing on that site that is deceptive? It HONESTLY tells JW policy on those matters, not the screwed up lies of the JW hierarchy who are just trying to cover their asses. It's called black propaganda in this case because it's as if the JW's WERE REALLY TELLING THE TRUTH!!! HOW THE HELL CAN USING HONESTY TO EXPOSE DISHONESTY BE DISHONEST? TELL ME!

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