so long and thanks for all the shoes

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  • doogie

    Well, folks, this will be my last post here on the board. It?s only been a short time but I feel I?ve gotten what I needed and now its time to move on. thank you all very much for your support these last couple of months; they?ve been monumental and necessary but extremely rough as well. I doubt that they would?ve ended so successfully without this board.

    I feel the need to make an exit from this board because I never want my life to stagnate in any way. Forward motion, forward motion, you know? I thought I was done thinking about religion and theology before I ever posted on I?m quite sure that my head will explode if I continue to dwell on this stuff. it?s just not necessary for me. I?m content with my position on all things religious.

    I?m comfortable with my family?s stance towards my beliefs. I?m comfortable with my attitude towards the Witnesses in general. I feel sufficiently disconnected from my upbringing to feel comfortable with my metamorphosis into who I am today (i.e. I don?t regret nothin?). I feel comfortable with my beliefs regarding the bible, organized religion and god in general. i'm even comfortable letting people believe things that are contrary to my personal beliefs (everyone says that, but i'm convinced that few truly feel that way...i always said it but its just now becoming true). I?m ready to move away from this stuff and occupy my mind with the next thing (whatever that may be).

    Those of you who?ve spent years on this board, keep it up; you?re providing a valuable service to those that are just now realizing the dangers of trusting men?s teachings about god. Just remember though, that to truly move on, we must let the past completely die. But again, you are extremely valuable to those that are on their way out.

    Laters -- doogs

  • shera

    Thats great you feel that way!

    Have a great,happy life.



  • kwintestal

    Good luck!


  • Brummie

    See ya doogie, all the best for the future


  • Bryan

    Good for you doogie. Come back later and say hello, let us know how you're doing.

    Good luck!


  • myauntfanny

    Doogie, that's great, but I'll miss you. You really make me laugh! Hope you come back occasionally for a visit.

  • Special K
    Special K

    take care, Doogie


  • RunningMan

    Yeah, you better run before you become like the rest of us.

    Actually, that's great. Some day, I hope to grow up, too.

  • kls

    But,but , ilike your sense of humor and i want to hear more of you becoming a man. Ya know the sex and grill and stuff.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    sorry to say this, but i am really SICK AND TIRED of GOOD-BYE threads, if you don't want to come here ever again fine, then f--k off, but why must people start a thread to say "im done, and wont be back",I really don't understand. And then sure enough 2 months later, their back posting again.

    Im venting, but i really HATE these kinda threads, would rather see a minimus useless question then something like this.

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