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  • Celia

    Joker10 = so it's not ok for a Catholic to criticize the JW cult, but it's perfectly alright for JWs to put down the Catholic church every chance they get ?

  • avishai

    Joker, that one is rude, even for you. At least the Catholics are trying to make SOME reparations for their child abuse scandal, unlike the JW's ( ) At least the catholics are'nt wishing and hoping for the destruction of 99.9% of the world's population. And, finally, at least the catholics don't wake me the hell up on a saturday morning.

    Curious, pay no attention to Joker, he's just a bitter JW troll.

  • NeonMadman
    neo madman my i please have your email, u know alot about this religion

    Curious, you have a PM.

  • Nickey

    Man... I wish people stop trying to tell him leave the woman. That's the exact advice people gave my boyfriend and caused all kinds of hell in our relationship. Even when I was slowly making my way out all I hear is their mouth "Oh you need to just leave her." And they don't even know me or what is really going on in our relationship. Only he can judge whether he can handle it and if she may change...

    It pisses me off everytime people do that.... Cut the girl some slack. She obviously is stepping out of bounds by even being with a catholic. Whether she's trying to pull him in or not... nobody knows but CC! And it's up to him alone to decide to stick it through or not.

  • curious_catholic

    so its ok to discriminate catholics? read the above

  • curious_catholic

    joker im writing as bias as i can, but im being critiicised here and you think im speaking in behalf of the catholics, im speaking in my behalf, as an stop for a second and acutually think of what you said. we all have different opinions and i totally respect yours as u should with mine

  • jgnat

    Curious Catholic, I believe mixed marriages can work if there is open communication and no sneaking around. You must discuss differences in doctrine, how you will raise the children, health issues (blood transfusion or no blood transfusion) before you make a life-commitment to this woman. Could you watch your wife die because she refuses, on religious reasons to take blood? Could you watch your child die?

    Also, I think it is critical that you be introduced to her family. If there are going to be fireworks, get it over now. You will find out sooner rather than later where your truelove's loyalties lie.

  • Jez

    If a sexual relationship exists between the two of you, she is as good as disfellowshipped, and she knows that. She is not allowed to have sex before marriage.

    Maybe she wants out, come on ppl, you know that just because you go to meetings 3x a week does not mean you want to be there. We have all done that. She IS doing anti-JW things, dating a nonJW, and ENTERING a CHURCH!! A major forbidden practice. Why is she doing all of this? Maybe she wants out and this guy is her ticket out. Hopefully she loves him as well.

    I think that it is she whom you need to talk to about all of this. You were concerned enough to come here and ask some very people who have been very hurt and lost tremendous amounts due to this cult. So tell her all of your concerns, open it up and see what she says, I love the idea of telling her that you have been asking us questions. See how open she is then. What you will get here, is true life stories, we don't need to exaggerate, waterdown, coverup or maintain some kind of front like the JW are known for. You have come to the right place. We are hurt, angry or bitter because we all have reason to be. Check out my story if you want on in the women's section, entitled "Pretending". There are many others there as well.

  • LittleToe

    Some of the finest people I know are of the Catholic faith.
    You really haven't got a clue of what goes on outside of your petty little cult, have you?
    I guess you shouldn't feel too bad, as we've all been in that boat...
    The question is, do you intend to remain in such ignorance?

    The fact that she's gone to church with you is something HUGE.
    It's very encouraging.
    I really do wish you the best

  • redhat7

    Ive never been told by a JW that its wrong to marry someone from another religion. JW's will show you what the bible says on certain subjects and let you make up your own mind. The scriptures you were shown are not made up by JW's, you will find them in any Bible and if you do your Bible research, you will find a lot of information on the subject. I know its a tough one to take but you must do what you believe is right. You can do your own Bible research and pray but the bottom line is that its your decision what you want to believe and you have to live with it. There are a lot of comments from people whom seem to be bitter, you dont want to be a bitter person because of what other people believe. You make the decision that is right and you will find your peace.

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