What Would You Tell a Prospective New Poster About JWD??

by minimus 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • ezekiel3

    I will say this as an active JW and an even more active JWD poster-boy:

    JWD is like chatting with all your old JW friends at the hall without the mind control.

    I think it is great that we all have different opinions, many of my posts were designed to "spark up" other perspectives. But most of us have our history as JWs in common: the language, the programmed thinking process (I chuckle everytime Blondie inadvertently types another JW-ism), and the need to understand the real world.

    JWD ((((all of you)))) have helped me reason through some very deep issues, things I would/could never ask an elder or fellow JW.

    And, excepting my pal Undaunted Danny, there is little visious attack from disgrutled ex-JWs here. I would define it as a emotional purge of the hurt and damage done, but not an attack. Once you realize that JWs are not "God's chosen people", you will realize that the Organization is a people machine, grinding up people to get more people. Another difference of perspective: inside vs outside.

    So please extend my invitation to your friends. I thank JWD for giving me a place to heal and grow.

  • seven006

    Main Entry: [2]neurotic
    Function: noun
    Date: 1896
    1 : one affected with a neurosis
    2 : an emotionally unstable individual

    Have them read this definition first and then proceed at their own risk. It's not bad at all, crazy people can be fun, it beats being a brainwashed, brain dead robot living in total denial.


  • kls

    You get to chat with me . Look at that face.

  • harleyquinn
    Then, when they've got all the newbie ex-dub crap out of their system and can relate like real people do, maybe then they'll be equipped to partake in ex JW boards.

    may i ask what that means? i'm curious as this board, out of all the ones that i have visited, seems to have more ex-dub topics than the others...it's actually one of the reasons i joined...i like knowing what's going on in the borg...

    would you mind explaining?

  • FairMind

    As an active JW, I'm in complete agreement with ezekiel3. I especially like to read the posts regarding the insane and unjust treatment many have received at the hands of the elders and at the direction of NY. These simply confirm to me that my suspicions and feelings regarding the WTBTS have been and are right on target. I would tell prospective members of this forum that that those that post here have attitudes that come in a variety of flavors. Here at JWD you can enjoy the posts that at appeal to you and you can ignore those that don't (fair enough, right?)


  • minimus

    Ezekiel---what you say is so true!........... Dave----you know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

  • ezekiel3

    Of course its true! JWD is the only channel on the web that is blessed by God to assist ex-JWs. Because of Simon, the faithful host, we receive food at the proper time when anoited members are guided by holy spirit to post...

    ...sorry, had a relapse.

  • minimus

    I knew this was phoney because you misspelled anointed.

  • CeriseRose

    I would tell them that it's like many other online forums with a variety of posters, posting styles, mentalities, senses of humor. I would tell them to read lots before posting much, to get a feel for the board dynamic and to make sure it's a comfy fit for them (not all boards are).

    I would also tell them that they should just be as much of themselves as they feel comfortable being. And to sit back and enjoy it!

    Oh, and to watch out for Minimus.

  • Annanias

    1. The heart is treacherous, who can know it?

    2. What has been done, cannot be undone.

    3. Nobody cares.

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