Idea to Settle the U.S. Defficit (SERIOUS THREAD)

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  • roybatty

    Speaking of that, where's my dam cheap gas????

  • czarofmischief


    When I got reproved for the first time - they took away all of my privileges. Including commenting at meetings. So I suddenly had a lot of extra time and absolutely no reason to prepare for the meetings anymore. The only reason I ever did the watchtower was to have something to say that wasn't reading from the paragraph. Take that away, and I stopped studying. What was the point? There was no time limit stated for resumption of my privileges.

    So then I started reading OTHER books, actually studying my college textbooks, etc. My scholastics improved, but my "spirituality" sharply declined. Not uncoincedentally, either. My brain started to cook overtime and then I was out, once and for all.

    So the dubs "punishment" actually hastened my departure, perhaps even triggered it.

    You will have a pm, shortly.


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