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    Most Witnesses I know are better off staying Witnesses. They don't have the guts to make it in the real world. They don't have the guts to admit they have been wrong. They don't have the guts to face their mortality and their lack of rational living preparation like educations and savings accounts.

    I agree with you 100% garybuss and hugs to you. I can't imagine what you've had to endure.

    My mom-in-law has been a JW for 50+ years. This is who she is, her identity in her life.

    My brother is a moonie (30+ years) and that is who he is, his identity.

    Without their so-called religions (their gangs as I like to call them), they are nothing, worthless in their own eyes.

    My brother and mom-in-law have a big "problem" with "being wrong" about ANYTHING much less something they devoted their lives to for decades. It's part of their personalities. Their cults give them license to be "right" about everything.

    And they'll never stop trying to get us to join their "gangs". They sneak the preaching in any way they can. (So tiresome)

    Funny thing is, they both can't be right but they both can be very wrong. (I like to point that out to them from time to time)

    My brother is sending my 16 year old niece over to Korea next year for the grand-slam of moonie brain-washing sessions. A full month of non-stop "prayer" and "enlightenment". She'll come back like my brother always does: with glazed-over eyes, a creepy smile and only one thing spinning in her head: how to make more money for that billionaire bastard Sun Myung Moon (oh, pardon me, I mean the new messiah and second coming of Christ...who has more bling bling than j-lo, not to mention the political pull he has bought for himself and why the hell does he need all that real estate? He owns half the world!) I am anxious and sick to my stomach about it. I feel so powerless and sad.

    These rotten cults truly destroy families. I tell all my friends (and anyone who'll listen) to warn their kids at an early age about them.


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    Good Post Terry! Excellent writing. The real truth is that none of us want to handle the "real truth". That is that none of this is real. As the Hindus say, it is all "maya". If we let a cult do our thinking for us it means that we don't have to face the truth. At least during this incarnation. Trouble is that the lessons we don't learn get presented to us over and over again. Pesky fellow that Holy Spirit!

  • Terry

    I always run in to two different groups of people who will discuss "truth". The first group wants to blur the edges. They make everything vague, unknowable a hazy. Every discussion gets fuzzed out into relative arguments with empty details and nothing solid. Then they are comfortable since, in such a setting, nobody can prove THEM wrong about anything.

    The second group possess Truth like Midas hoarded gold! They've got it and you don't! The hubris drips like drool when they lay it all out to you. They toss you a pearl and you're expected to snort and root it like a pig after truffles.

    I never seem to find anybody willing to discuss Truth with a measuring rod of practicality and enough logic to keep contexts observable and serviceable. Let us face it--humans are mighty uncomfortable being agnostic about any important subject. But, that is why we send kids to school, isn't it? They kid is expected to go into the classroom NOT KNOWING and eventually come out KNOWING.

    Life is a classroom. But, sometimes it seems we can only trust the teacher if it is ourselves. But, first we have to get rid of our taste for fantasy and wishful thinking that makes us gravitate toward believing that things are the way WE'D LIKE THEM TO BE!

    Such self-honesty is rare.

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    That is a smile of people who've stuffed Truth into their biscuits and sweetened their tea with it!

    Ha ha! So true.

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    Whose picture is your avatar? I like it.

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