AAAAAAAAAAKkkk! Panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • morty

    shitty deal....

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    breathe in, breathe out

    Best advice ever given on this board.

    Just be yourself. Take a weakness and make it a strength -- tell her you're nervous, and talk about why. It could lead into other conversations, and you might find out she feels the same way. You never know until you take the leap.

    Have fun.

  • shera

    Go and have some deserved fun!

    Be honest and tell her you are a bit nervous,like Tex said.She will appreciate your honesty.

  • pettygrudger

    Yeah - let her know you're nervous - girls like that

    Seriously, deep breaths, take courage in the fact she said YES - not no, not maybe, not I'm to busy - she said yes. There has to be a reason for that!

    What are you guys going to do? Dinner & a movie?

  • Nosferatu
    Bring flowers.

    Don't do that.

    Yeah - let her know you're nervous - girls like that

    Don't do that either.

    Just focus on having fun. She's just tagging along. You're the one who's going out to have fun, not her. If she wants to join in on the fun, then let her. This is a night for yourself, with company. You're not there to entertain her, your there to entertain yourself. Don't forget to flirt and by all means, make some physical contact. Light, non-sexual touch will make her like you even more. I guarantee you'll have a second date if you do this.

    What are you guys going to do? Dinner & a movie?

    Don't do that either. Well, maybe you could. Have a candlelit Happy Meal. The two of you can play with the toys. Sound stupid? Trust me, it's a date she'll never forget. It's also different.

    Remember, she's just another human being with a vagina and breasts.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Breathe .. is a good one.

    Relax, smile a lot.

    Read up on the newspaper this week so you have some current things to talk about.

    Special k

  • Xena

    How well do you know her? Have you chatted a bit? Do you know what she likes. I remember this one guy I went out with....he brought me sour patch kids candy for our first date because I had mentioned I liked them....I thought it was the sweetest thing, we are still friends to this day. It showed me he had listened to me when we talked. Women are impressed by stuff like that

    But the bottom line is just have fun....and remember she is probably as nervous as you are.

  • Crooked Lumpy Vessel
    Crooked Lumpy Vessel

    Nosferatu said....

    Remember, she's just another human being with a vagina and breasts.

    Let's turn it around...that's like saying he only another human being with a penis an no brain, or a very little brain stashed away in the fireman's helmet.

    Memoirs of a serial killer.

    (Nos...I hope you know that I am just razzing you. I know what you meant)

  • truthseeker1

    Don't ask the following questions:

    "So, when we do the fornication thing, what color condom should i use"

    "Since you are a worldly girl, are we gonna fornicate?"

    'You arn't gonna do drugs and preform idolatry, are you?"

  • outnfree

    Wait! I'm confused! Did the wedding never happen?!!!! ....


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