I had a talk with my Bible study daughter tonight...interesting responses.

by hubert 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • heathen

    hubert-- I was only a bible study but I could see the constant attempts at character assassination . If you would notice it and mention that certain comments where inappropriate they would then try to convince you that you are paranoid . So where the [email protected]#$ does that leave ya? It's a classic mind [email protected]#$ game that only leaves the victim feeling isolated and out of touch , so then they suggest you see the elders in some sort of secrete meeting , well guess what happens next ? The congregation decides you are now guilty of something and it only makes matters worse . The bible does say to confess sins openly and show support for people who have difficulty in areas of morality , to me it's far better than pretending you are something better than what is humanly possible , the whole christian thing is about humility not about self agrandizement .

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