Why West is losing

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    A new book I thought some would be interested in reading it.

    Sun, September 12, 2004
    Why West is losing By Eric Margolis -- Contributing Foreign Editor

    Three years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, America's politicians and media continue to gravely deceive the public about the so-called war on terrorism.

    Now the definitive book on terrorism has appeared that should be mandatory reading for every thinking person. It's called Imperial Hubris: Why The West is Losing the War on Terror.

    The cover simply identifies the author as "Anonymous," but he's already been widely identified in the American media as Michael Scheuer, a senior terrorism analyst for the CIA.

    It is unprecedented that a serving CIA officer was allowed to publish a book, one that is clearly a dramatic rebuke to the neoconservatives who drove the U.S. into two wars.

    Scheuer's work is a goldmine of information and brilliant analysis. It breaks taboos and sweeps away the clouds of lies about al-Qaida, Iraq and Afghanistan. He says U.S. leaders refuse to accept the obvious -- "we are fighting a worldwide Islamic insurgency -- not criminality or terrorism."

    The U.S. has made only "a modest dent in enemy forces."

    None of bin Laden's reasons for waging war on the U.S., writes Scheuer, "have anything to do with our freedom, liberty, and democracy (as President George Bush claims), but everything to do with U.S. policies and actions in the Muslim world," notably unlimited support for Israel's repression of the Palestinians and the destruction of Iraq.

    "For cheap, easily accessible oil, Washington and the West have supported Muslim tyrannies (Osama) bin Laden and other Islamists seek to destroy," Scheuer writes. "The war has the potential to last beyond our children's lifetimes and be fought mostly on U.S. soil."

    A coup for bin Laden

    Bin Laden, argues Scheuer, is widely viewed by much of the Muslim world, infuriated by American actions in the Mideast, as neither a terrorist or madman but as a skilled warrior, the sole Muslim leader standing up to predatory western powers.

    Ironically U.S. and British military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq "are completing the radicalization of the Islamic world," a prime bin Laden goal.

    Bush's misbegotten invasion of Iraq was "icing on bin Laden's cake."

    The threat today facing America "is the defensive jihad (holy struggle), an Islamic military reaction triggered by an attack by non-Muslims on the Islamic faith, on Muslims, on Muslim territory." Muslims are increasingly fighting back.

    The Muslim world believes it is under total attack led by Bush -- a massive effort to crush all who oppose U.S. domination, destroy Islam's inherent political role, eliminate Muslim charities, impose western values on the Islamic world and maintain puppet rulers -- "spreading democracy" in Bush's lexicon. Terrorism is merely the tactics of the poor fighting the rich.

    The ultimate taboo

    "U.S. military operations in the Muslim world," he adds, "validate bin Laden's contention the U.S. is attacking Islam and supports any country willing to kill or persecute Muslims."

    Scheuer, breaking the ultimate taboo, observes of Washington's "one-way alliance" with Israel that "Israelis have succeeded in lacing tight the ropes binding the American Gulliver to the ... Jewish state and its policies."

    The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are lost causes, Scheuer concludes. The U.S. is totally unable to create legitimate governments in either chaotic nation, only puppet regimes, supported by American bayonets.

    If the U.S. stays, it will bleed endlessly; if it retreats, it faces political disaster.

    Washington, he charges, has no strategy and is merely "winging it."

    In one of his most acute insights, Scheuer explains the U.S. cannot, for all of its riches, buy its way to victory in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    "Honour is still the currency of value in the Middle East, more so than goods and services."

    Blood-links trump all other affiliations or loyalties.

    Honour is why the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden to the U.S., a man they regarded as their guest and a war hero, and why he has still not been betrayed in spite of a $25-million US reward in a nation where the annual income is $147.

    At least there is one person in Washington who understands the violence surrounding us -- and has the courage and patriotism to tell Americans the truth: Their own arrogance and ignorance are driving them into a no-win war against 1.3 billion Muslims.


  • roybatty

    Let's review...hmmm...who killed 3,000 Americans? Israel? Also, I always like how Muslim nations cry about those in Palestine. What Muslim country has ever offered to help these people?

  • Satanus


    What Muslim country has ever offered to help these people?



  • Soledad
    Also, I always like how Muslim nations cry about those in Palestine. What Muslim country has ever offered to help these people?

    Thank you. Furthermore, wasn't it Lebanon and Syria that kicked Palestinians out of their territories?

  • Satanus


    I sometimes look at it from the perspective of who is winning in all this war/nato/terrorist threat/democracy bruhaha. The truth about 9-11 is becoming an industry into which a bunch of book writer dorks are jumping, including the guy who wrote the book 'men are from mars, women are from venus'. Here is a rundown of a few of them http://mysite.verizon.net/vze25x9n/id24.html I could synopsise it, but it might hyjack your thread. Then again, most people seem to ignore me.


  • Soledad
    The truth about 9-11 is becoming an industry into which a bunch of book writer dorks are jumping, including the guy who wrote the book 'men are from mars, women are from venus'

    are you kidding?? how stupid.

    I would love to see the venus and mars guy try to offer a credible thesis on 9/11. he's such a dork.

  • shamus

    It's interesting to note that Al-Quaida (sp) was not in Iraq until the good old' boys from the United States went in, guns a blazin! Now they're everywhere. I wonder why?

  • Satanus


    He is putting his money into a canadian truth about 9/11 person:

    He's helped financially support the Toronto 9-11 International Inquiry, has lent money to its organizer, Barrie Zwicker, and also will be putting out television info-commercials advertising Zwicker's just released 9-11 documentary, "The Great Conspiracy", perhaps in a bundle with other films or materials.

    A question from an audience member was answered s follows by john gray:

    "John, in conclusion of your speech, I understood you to say that we could heal ourselves by forgiving the government for letting the terrorists commit the attacks. My question to you is what makes you believe this long after 9/11 that the terrorists who committed the attacks weren't within the U.S. government?"

    John Gray's Answer:

    "I've written several books on forgiveness, and whenever anybody talks about forgiveness they always think, it's like if you have a good excuse, then I forgive you.
    Like, let's say I'm late for dinner, my wife's upset with me, and I say, but honey there was a fire on the bridge and I rescued a child, and she say's oh, okay, that's a great excuse, I forgive you. That's not what forgiveness is. That means she doesn't need to forgive me because I have a great excuse.
    The government doesn't have a great excuse. These are murderers. The people we really need to forgive are the Congress that allowed them to do it, because they know a lot of the details. And they're kind of like on the edge and they don't know ALL the information. So finding forgiveness for a government doesn't mean that you say that they had good reasons for it. They didn't have good reasons for it, they're killers and there's murderers and there's a few of them, there's not a whole lot of them. So, we want to forgive the whole government because they were fooled just like we've been fooled. And for those people we forgive them as mentally ill and we put them away and we make a big show of it.
    I would personally like to even, I'm always out of the box a little bit, but I think that I would like to make a big show of it and demonstrate through brain scans the problems with their brains. My research in the last 10 years is about brain research, differences between men and women and brain research. And I bet every penny I have that if we could do live brain scans, that these men who run that will have very inactive prefrontal cortex which is associated with people, and this is a fact, there's people who can't feel happy unless there's violence in front of them, unless they're dropping bombs.
    And let me give you one brief example of that, in America, I know the statistics there, 1 out of 5 boys, 1 out of a 100 girls, and 1 out of 5 boys is taking Ritalin for ADD symptoms, which is an inactive prefrontal cortex. But, you put 'em on a videogame with bombs and immediately the brain starts producing more dopamine which is pleasure and their brain begins functioning in a cogent, clear way. So what happens is these are smart guys, some of them, some of them aren't (George Bush), but they're smart guys, but they're unable to experience pleasure in their lives without some sort of stimulation. And I believe that before anybody could ever be elected to a high authority position that we should do brain scans on their brains, make sure that their brain chemicals are normal because these people don't have normal brain chemicals."


  • myauntfanny


    That's interesting (see, not ignoring you).


    Now I'm really curious if you think that's stupid. I hated the Mars/Venus book but I thing he has a sort of interesting point there. Makes a nice reverse anyway, from those in power wanting to scan the general population for pre-criminal tendencies.

  • Soledad

    so, not guilty by reason of mental defect?

    it kind of sounds like those white supremacists claims that black people's brains are smaller and therefore they are less intelligent.

    it's a non-credible theory to me.

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