What is your earliest memory?

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  • gypsywildone

    I remember a 3 legged dog named Patches that I was maazed by, I must have been about 2. A little mixed dog missing one of his legs, but running around just fine, the neighbor was babysitting it for the lady that sold us our house, & I was 2 and some.

    I remember Christmas, when I was 3 & I hit the motherload! All kinds of cool, wonderous presents, & my mom kept telling me to open the big box, but I saved it for last, & it was a big, way cool doll. Thankfully, I have 2 old albums of pictures of all this & of that time period in my life, & the woods I roamed.

    Around that same time, I was always outside, hated being inside (I'm still the same), & I used to get up earlier than my parents & go outside with the German Shepard. The old lady down the hill would walk her collie & ask me if my parents knew I was out there in the rain, & I always said yes. She would go in & phone my mother, & that would spoil my rain party. But I would just go right back outside again, they had a hard time keeping me in all bottled up

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