What is your earliest memory?

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  • bull01lay

    Wow! I can't believe how far back your memories go!!! For me, there are 2 that happened around the age of 5, but I can't remember which came first so I'll tell ya both...I can remember being disappointed by my dad because he promised to take me fishing in the canal, but didn't, and sent me to bed when I threw a tantrum over it!! My other earliest memory was a trip to Matlock, Derbyshire. There were hundreds of motorcycles, and I just stood in awe of this huge mass of chrome and colour that was a Honda Goldwing. I told everyone about it, and that I was going to have one when I grew up. And I have (although whether I've actually grown up yet is quite debatable!)


  • LittleToe

    Until the age of about three we lived with my grandparents.

    Age 2 - I remember the day my grandfather walked with me, holding my hand, to the local playpark. There used to be long rides with lots of seats in a row and a horses head at the front, which he would place me on and swing me forwards and backwards. He was a stern man, born around 1904, but I loved him dearly.

    Age 2 and 8 months - going to the hospital where my first brother was born. Being given a 2' long toy boat that my dad made for me to keep my occupied (I still have it).

    Age 3 - I also remember leaving my grandparents house (not long after my brother was born). That morning my mum was putting rollers in her hair in front of a mirror, and big tea-chests were all around with our stuff.
    I remember the excitement of being carried upstairs to my bedroom, in the new house. It was the first time I'd had a room of my own, and a brand new bed, which they were busy making up with a plastic undersheet . I have lots of memories of that house, and the nearby playpark that we would visit after going to the store.

  • Mutz

    I can remember quite a few things from my early childhood but one that sticks in my mind when I was about 3 or 4 getting ill and being paralysed from the waist down. I can vividly recall pushing myself up between 2 chairs swinging my rubbery legs underneath me and watching them collapse when I tried to stand. :)

  • Undecided

    I don't know how old I was but I was on the front porch of our old log house in the country. I was in my mothers lap in the front porch swing and my brother was in the yard catching lightning bugs and bringing them over for me to see.

    Another early one was when I was with my dad and we were over at the old place where our house had been before he moved it over to the paved highway. There was an old building left there and he reached up in the top and pulled out a little sail boat.

    I only have precious memories of my life with my family.

    Ken P.

  • indoubt

    I was about 3 years old. A couple of days prior to the incident, my dad bought me a plastic cowboy gun with a cool cowboy belt.

    Unfortunately, my dad also started to study with the JWs at the same time. He was told by the JW brother that guns were bad. So my dad and I had a discussion on the front porch of our house and he tried to explain to me that we had to get rid of the gun. I reluntanctly gave him my gun and I remember him throwing it away in a big garbage bag. I remember crying a lot.


  • Nosferatu

    My earliest memory is of my mother yelling at me for pooping my diaper. I remember she was cleaning the bathroom, and I knew I was in trouble. She yelled at me, and I ran to hide under my bed.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I was under 2, and I remember seeing my mom's poodle's (Jacques; I hated him) dog dish. So I remember crawling over (so I must have been very little) and she had given him several doggie treats. Well they were chocolate covered and looked like thin mints. So I helped myself. They tasted good as I recall.

    I remember Jacques growling at me so I smacked him in the nose.

  • glitter

    My earliest memory is when I was five months old, and is of the little party after I was Christened (CofE), I remember my neighbour holding me, and I remember looking down at the cake.

    The next memory after that was crouching down in the garden and saying hello to the neighbour's cat Amy... she scratched me down the nose! It was summer, so I was about a year old then.

    My first memory of television was me sitting on the floor watching "John Craven's Newsround" (British children's news programme) and seeing the Mary Rose being raised. That was October 1982! I didn't realise quite how young I was when it happened (making it the first *datable* memory) until I saw a programme about it fairly recently.

  • doodle-v

    Wow I find it fascinating how some of us can remember so far back. Thank you for sharing.


  • FlyingHighNow
    Like someone mentioned in an earlier post, I remember how I thought pre-verbally.... I'm glad to know someone else has a memory of such a thing.

    I've never met anyone else who remembers those thought/feelings of infancy. I guess very few can remember that time in their lives. It's really very wonderful. You also said:

    Whenever I am able to summon up that state of mind now I absolutely love it, but it has become increasingly harder to do through the years. I suppose it might be much like the state people who meditate seek to reach. I'm not sure.

    I think I'll go somewhere pretty and try to feel my thoughts instead of word my thoughts. I imagine it has to be a very healing thing to do.

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