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  • czarofmischief

    Yeppiroo, I've been operating against our boy behind the scenes, Special Forces style. Actually, more like the Army Reserve. Be all you can be, on weekends (or used to be). Anyhoo, here's the letter and his reply:

    You keep announcing that the "end" is soon, and that judgment is soon to fall upon the Watchtower. What makes these proclamations different from all the others throughout history? For instance, Fred Franz' insistence on 1975 and his subsequent humiliation were just recent examples of the danger of making false prophecies. What if you are just wrong? How long will you keep saying these things before you give up? Do you have a time limit in mind? How long before your warnings fade into the irrelevant Malthusian dogmas of years past?

    To my knowledge, no Jehovah's Witness has ever publicly announced the coming downfall of the Watchtower as being foretold in numerous prophecies. It is something entirely unique in the history of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    True, Jehovah's Witnesses have been preaching for many decades about the nearness of Armageddon. However, the apostle Paul assures us that the presence of Christ will not commence until first an apostasy develops in God's household. "Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction." (See essay "Mystery of the Antichrist" )

    The Watchtower assumes that the foretold apostasy Paul was referring to occurred over 1,000 years ago and manifested in the advent of Christendom. However, for Paul's prophecy to have any meaning at all in terms of signaling the imminence of Christ's presence, the apostasy that "comes first" must occur among Jehovah's Witnesses?from among the anointed.

    Daniel's prophecy confirms this for us, in that the prophet foretold an apostasy will occur among some who are in a covenant with God immediately prior to the time of the end. Daniel 11:32 foretells: "And those who are acting wickedly against the covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words."

    Of course, the Watchtower interprets that verse to apply to Christendom; but their reasoning is nonsensical. If Christendom has been apostate since its inception, which it inarguably has, then how can apostates become further led into apostasy? Too, in order to act wickedly against the covenant one would actually have to be in a covenant with God. For example, in the Bible no ancient nation other than Israel could break their covenant with God for the simple reason that only Israel was in a covenant with God. The Watchtower says that the prophecy in Daniel is fulfilled because Christendom merely claims to be in a covenant. However, sound reasoning leads us to the conclusion that only anointed Christians can act against the new covenant.

    As of October 2001, the Watchtower's secret NGO affiliation with the United Nations has been uncovered. For ten years prior to that time the Watchtower Society served as a propaganda organ for the United Nations. The Watchtower has made numerous gaffs and mis-steps in the past, but prior to their unseemly political alliance with the UN coming to light three years ago, there was no tangible evidence that the Watchtower had actually been seduced into overt apostasy?only the puzzling fact that the Watchtower seemed to go out of its way to praise the United Nations. The exposure of the Watchtower's immoral NGO affair has been a significant development in the modern history of Jehovah's Witnesses; which in itself, signals that the slithering, Judas-like, man-of-lawlessness is well-ensconced in the Bethel house of God and over-ripe to be harvested by the angelic harvesters in accord with prophecy.

    As the prophecies also indicate, the actual harvest-like conclusion of the system of things occurs in the context of a terrifying global upheaval, unlike any other in history in scale and scope. Not coincidently, concurrent with the present ferment among Jehovah's Witnesses, the world presently stands on the precipice of a war that will defy belief. There are undeniably very powerful occult forces at work driving the nations to a third World War . Anyone who dismisses the reality of looming nuclear war is either not interested enough in the world's affairs to concern themselves with the facts or they are practicing some form of denial.

    While the Watchtower's prophetic credibility has definitely been damaged, clear thinking persons surely realize that Jehovah's Witnesses' past failures to precisely predict the outbreak of the tribulation and Armageddon has no bearing upon the future; even as the apostle Paul said, 'let every man be proved a liar, yet let God be found true.'

    This watchman remains fully convinced of the reliability of God's Word.

  • czarofmischief

    I was wondering what yinz thought about this?


  • shamus

    I think that Ewatchmen are baked. Arguing with delusional ppl is tiresome, but that's just me.

  • confusedjw

    Well I like what he is doing. He's like a half-way house for those with doubts and needing to leave. Why work against him?

  • Satanus

    I had no probs reading your questions. In his response, i got as far as his flip into the book of daniel, and then all the words turned into blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla blablah bla. It must be my posessing demons doing that, so i am unable to see truth from jehoblablah bla blablah bla. Dam, there it goes again. Eff off, you bloody fiends.


  • czarofmischief
    Well I like what he is doing. He's like a half-way house for those with doubts and needing to leave. Why work against him?

    But he isn't. He's making more false promises. He's turning himself into another WT. And he's more than a bit of a prick. His judgemental attitude extends to every aspect that he deems appropriate for him to comment on. He's a dick and he will wind up hurting people even more. Plus he keeps feeding the myth that JW's are God's chosen people. That lie is the centerpiece of a great deal of misery for folks.

    Also, he incites terror and fear in his victims. Same tactics as the dubbworlders.


  • Noumenon

    Have to agree that all the fear-mongering and overconfidence that the end is just around the corner (yah like we havn't heard that before) is tiresome.

    Everything he writes is based on the premise that the JW religion is a modern day nation of Israel. I think he borrowed a lot of this from the YORRW congregation group.

    He contradicts himself a lot too. He airs all the Society's dirty laundry and false interpretations ala Ray Franz, yet he launches scathing attacks on Franz. He points out all the rotten fruitage, hypocrisy, lying, reproach on god's name....says they are not fulfilling Matt 24: 14 yet....says Christ hasn't inspected anyone yet....no sheeps separated from goats yet.....they are teaching complete bollocks re 1914 etc....that the harvest of the world hasn't been harvested yet.....that the Society havn't been appointed over all Christ's belongings, yet he still believes they are the only legimate sole channel that God has been using!!!!!!! Go figure!!! He makes a mockery of Jesus Christ's own criteria for who constitute true from false Christians.

  • bebu

    Yipperoo. <---- Now that's a new one!

    Seems like he hardly answered your question.


  • avishai
    If Christendom has been apostate since its inception, which it inarguably has,

    Inarguable, my ass. That would mean that Jesus was apostate (Well, he was, but not towards xtianity). There, I argued it, and I won.

    Not only is ewatchman a bad prophet, he's a total dumbass, as evidenced by comments like these. I admire his ability to stand up and say what's wrong with the dubs, i.e, the UN and pedophile scandals, but geez, talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!

  • Panda

    Czar, He used your question in order to flip his own spinner. Changing the subject to try and make it look like his answer had anything to do with your questions. E-watch learned well from his Jedi WTS masters.

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