Artwork portraying the coming Paradise earth.

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  • Blueblades

    Many readers of this journal and its companion, Awake!, enjoy the artwork portraying the coming Paradise earth. Of cause, we do not know exactly what the Paradise earth will look like, and the pictures published are simply artisic impressions based on such Bible passages as Isaiah 11:6--9.

    Nevertheless,one Christian woman said:"When I see pictures of the coming Paradise in The Watchtower and Awake!, I examine them closely, as one would a travel brochure. I endeavor to see myself there because this is where I truly hope to be in God's due time."

    Are you focusing on the reward? Have you ever doubted whether you will enter the new world?

    So, if you have doubts, you need to focus on the reward. How do you do that? The article goes on to instruct and shows picture for the rank and file to study and meditate when you have your Bible study, to go out in the field service, door to door, and make the meetings. Dont let financial difficulty tempt you to relegate Kingdom interest to second place.

    Most of all, keep looking at ( THE CARROT! ) the Artwork portraying the coming Paradise earth.

    From The Watchtower April 1,2004.

    The Society knows that the Carrot is all that they have left and will continue to use it on the rank and file.I discarded the Carrot some time ago, I hope you have too.


  • seattleniceguy

    Yikes. Nice catch, BlueBlades. It's amazing we couldn't see that for what it was for so long. Thanks for posting this. Hopefully it will help others to see the carrot for what it is - just a shriveled fantasy.


  • jgnat

    This article was enlightening for me:

    I am sure Headquarters has figured out that these images are critical to keeping the "dream" alive. I have yet to have a poster tell me what they think of this professor's analysis. Blueblades, I would be most interested in your thoughts.

  • shamus

    Don't just look at 'paradise earth'. Look at how the 6 billion ppl now living will die.

    (now how did that picture of me get in there...)

  • bebu

    Very interesting.

    It seems like another way of keeping peoples' attention off any growing discontent from waiting for "any day now."

    I think of Psalm 73:25... "Whom have I in the heavens but You? And earth has nothing I desire beside You." Why is earth without Christ considered such a reward anyway?


  • FlyingHighNow

    I think that the paradise pictures keep the paradise dream real for JWs. And the dream of the paradise suddenly solving all of their problems in an instant is like heroin to them. They are addicted to the heroin of the paradise dream. That is what keeps them so far from reality. "Religion is the opium of the people." JWs personify this observation.


    (now how did that picture of me get in there...)

    Looking for more proposals? You've had two tonight.

  • Stefanie


    Thanks yall, you make me smile even in my depressive mood.

    *muah baby muah*

    Flying Thanks for so many things on so many levels...

  • FlyingHighNow
    Flying Thanks for so many things on so many levels...

    You're welcome, Stef.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Stef, Mackie and I have already asked Shamus for his hand. If you ask him then we can get a group discount!!

  • Gadget
    From The Watchtower April 1,2004.

    From the doublespeak they've used in this article you would think they followed april fools! And yet they pass it off as gospel......

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