Reading : " The Vampire LeStat",,,,anyone eles like the Vampire Chronicles?

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  • Mac

    Yeah...I,ve heard about her work under the Rampling handle but try to stay away from all that sex stuff cuz of Cooties and all!!!


  • FlyingHighNow

    but try to stay away from all that sex stuff cuz of Cooties and all!!!
    Yeah right.

  • Mac

    You don't believe in Cooties???

    mac, we need to educate our children class

  • Mac

    double post.or maybe just seeing posts double...LOL

  • LyinEyes

    As I am reading the book , I keep hoping for some "sexy" me vampires are so sexy already,, but so far just the ecstacy of drinking

    With Anne Rice's descriptions of every little detail , I can just imagine what some of her racier stuff must be like......

    After reading this book, I am sure I will have to read all of her writings , I too love her style.....after all she is from New Orleans,,,,,,another Louisiana Lady. Maybe that is why I enjoy her writing style because that is the way we are here in Louisiana, we love details, we love to explain each and every little taste, smell, feeling, things we see.

  • twolips

    Hi Lyin

    I thought Lestat was very seductive . I do remember hoping for some romance, but like you said the "extacy" is in the blood.

    I also had a hard time with Tom Cruis , I just dont like him at all. When Tom was cast as Lestat we were so disapointed ,so was Anne Rice. She had mentioned someone like David Bowie, more of an androgynous sensuality. Witch I think T.C. has neither. But I did enjoy the movie.

    Yes I dont remember Lestat having a choice in his making. In future books he questions everything, even having a conversation with Saten. Anne's daughter died of lukiema at a young age, then she wrote Interview. I think in this book she is questioning life and death , plus she/louis "resurrects" the little girl who was the same age as her daughter.

    AS far as the Sleeping Beauty trilogy, It's very pornagraphic with some light s and m. I thought I knew almost everything about sex,,, well I learned much more lol.

  • FlyingHighNow


    If you like sexy vampires, sometime find and watch Fright Night.

    Chris Sarandon plays a very intense and sexy vampire. The movie is a cult classic and not your typical teen horror film.

  • Sweetp0985

    I take this time to make an confession: My name is Sweetp and I'm a Vampire addict.

    I read all 3 of the Lestat books...Interview With a Vampire, Vampire Lestat, and Queen of the Damned....after those 3 I kinda lost interest. I forgot who said it but I also love reading the book first and then watching the movie. Sometimes I read the book and awhile later they make the movie..I try to go read the book again before i watch the movie (such was the case with The Notebook)....

    IMO IWAV was a very close adaption of the book..They still of course left out some of the things that would have made the movie better but it was still good..

    Now on the other hand QofD wasn't close to the book at all...I was kinda disappointed but Stuart Townsend changed my mind a little bit.(that man is so sexy..then he plays a vampire again in League of Distinguished Gentlemen)......

    I also read Anne Rice's book Feast of all wasn't about vampires or anything but I saw the movie in the video store and saw it was from Anne Rice so I went and found the book, read it and then watched the movie..It was OK....

    Also if you want to read another good vampire story check out A. J. Banks..Minion...its about a female vampire hunter...pretty good read....I have the 2nd novel on hold at Barnes&Noble...(shoot they might have put it back already)


  • Sentinel

    Hi Lyin Eyes,

    Yes, I am a great fan of Anne Rice, and have read her chronicles of the Vampire. I found them intreguing, and very well put together. Actually, I was reading them several years back, so she may have something very new out there I haven't come across yet.

    She is an interesting lady herself, and has had quite a life. I believe there are some hidden messages within her works, especially when dealing with good vs evil, etc.


  • franklin J
    franklin J


    I have read all of the Vampire chronicles and found them excellent. They were richly romantic and captivating and once I started I could not put them down. The movie was a major dissappointment.

    If you want to read a real soul searcher by Ann Rice, read "Memnoch, the Devil" which has Lestat as a secondary character. It is about the Creator and the Devil; as told from the Devils perspective. It will turn your thinking AND interperatation of Christianity upside down.

    Of course; it is purely fiction. Although; why should that be much different from the writings of Christianity?

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