Reading : " The Vampire LeStat",,,,anyone eles like the Vampire Chronicles?

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  • LyinEyes

    I am reading the Anne Rice Novel " The Vampire LeStat", and it is quiet an interesting read. I have always loved the old Dracula movies, but being a good JW, felt such guilt if I watched "blood suckers".

    I was just wondering if anyone eles has read the books about vampires writen by Anne Rice. If so , tell me what you think of the books, the characters, don't worry about spoilers because I have read reviews online and know alot of details that I havent read in the book yet.

    So, far I haven't read a dull part in the book yet, it is full of details, which I love, and even makes me cringe with some of the things the vampires do.

  • shamus

    If you enjoy those books, try the Lasher series. It's The Witching Hour, Lasher, and Taltos. It's incredibly bizarre, and telling you about it will give it away. I firmly believe that her books on Witches are far superior to her vampire series.

    The buildup is tedious, and in one terse paragraph, she ends all speculation. An incredible read, and a MUST if you enjoy the vampire series. I challenge you to see if you don't find them more enjoyable. Every person that I've recommended them to have just loved them.

    Of course it's just bullshit, so please don't go out and become a witch, LOL!

  • StinkyPantz

    Haven't read Anne Rice, but I am currently reading Dracula by Bram Stoker.

  • Sunnygal41

    I've got one of her books "The Servant of the Bones"................freakin' awesome! I also saw the movie with Brad Pitt in it.......anyone remember the name of it, help me out please. Anyways, she is an awesomely creative author!


  • LyinEyes

    I saw the movie Interview with a Vampire, with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt,,,,,,,it was good, so I want to read that book too.

    I am also reading "Taltos" by Anne Rice about the Mayfield witches,,,,,,,,it is hard to get into , as it goes back and forth thru time and different characters, but still a great read.

    I had no idea that the movie......"Queen of the Damned", was a book by Anne Rice, my son told me about it. He said it was about LeStat as well, so I ordered that movie . I love to read the book of a movie and watch the movie and then re read the book.

    I guess my kids have me all in the mood for Halloween as we watched the "Amityville Horror" for the first time the other nite,,,,,,,it was a little cheesy but for it's time, it was a spooky movie. That is supposed to be a true story right?

  • twolips

    Hi Lyin

    This is one of my most favorite works of fiction. I've read it 3 times .

    I love how Anne took a somewhat unlikable character from her first book and changed my opinion of him. It was as if what was up was down. I swear I missed him when I was finished the book. So I read it when I take long vacations.

    Oh urban legand from my area... MY friends and I believed he was based on a very real man that lived in Carmel Ca. We used to visit "His" antiquie shop ,"He" drove a metalic gold VW Bus and was to die for ;-)

    .....WE really believed it

  • LyinEyes

    Hi Twolips,,,,,,,,,I totally agree,,,,,,,,,,the LeStat that some of us first saw in the movie Interview with a Vampire, was not the same as the one we read about in......The Vampire Lestat. BTW,,,,,,, Tom Cruise really gets on my nerves for some reason,,,,,,,although I will be first to admit , and rightfully so,,,,,that he is one damn good actor. Weird Huh? But reading about LeStat from this book,,,,,,,, so far I like Lestat. The first book did not give LeStat , according to Louis' narrative , the true natue of who LeStat really was. I am still kind of hung up on the relationship between Gabriel ( LeStat's mother as he calls her after he made her a vampire) and Lestat at this point in the book.....kind of strange so far, but I wont jump to conclusions just yet.

    I have to ask ..........but did anyone eles who watched the movie first, ( I have yet to actually read Interview With a Vampire) think that LeStat actually have a choice in becoming a vampire?? From what I have read in this book so far,,,,,,,,,,,,he fought , not wanting to surrender to the Vampire that made him what he began,,,,,Magnus,,,,,,so really Lestat had no choice . LeStat was not even told all the things about being a vampire from Magnus, he had to find things out on his own.......right?

  • Mac


    I've not read much fiction in years but, with one exception....Anne Rice...

    something about her style!

    Read Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned... and am now reading Blood and Gold.

    mac, Bram Stoker class

  • arrowstar

    "Interview with a Vampire" was the first book in the Chronicles. I've read most of the Vampire books. Anne Rice is one of my favorites. I've read the Mayfair Witches books. She has now brought both the Witches and the Vampires together in the more recent books. It helps to read them in sequence but not necessary to enjoy the books. I'm currently reading "Blood and Gold" by Anne Rice.


  • Insomniac

    Wow, this really takes me back. When I was a gloomy, tormented teen with an all-black wardrobe, I read these books several times each. Interview with the Vampire was my fave, followed by The Vampire Lestat. Anne Rice has a fine eye for detail, and a deft way of describing utter loneliness and despair (did I mention, I was a teenager when I got into her stuff? No wonder it appealed to me.).

    If you enjoy this book, there was another one called A Feast of all Saints, set in New Orleans in the 1800's. It's nothing to do with vampires, but still it's her best work I've read. She has also written under the last names Rampling and Roquelarre (sp?), some rather sexy stuff.

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