Satan sent to earth in 1914?? My mom's on drugs!

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  • Carmel

    I highly reccommend Pagel's book "The Origin of Satan.


  • robhic

    Here is a thread from (I think?) last year by "AlleyMom" which is easy, concise and pretty simply lays out -- using simple subtaction and dates exclusively from WTS publications -- how 607 is a pipe dream.

  • jgnat

    Elsewhere, you are slipping. Post 20?????

    Whichever way you slice the JW doctrine, you end up with a mess. So, the "end times" have been running since 1914. The world is supposed to be getting steadily worse, with Satan all mad and stuff. I guess all the technological advances and improvements in medical care don't mean a whit in Jehovah's Kingdom, because He is gonna make everything perfect Very Very Soon.

    I have yet to meet a Jehovah's Witness who will admit that our modern world is any way better off than in 1914.

  • kls

    Jgnat, i got pm but can't pm back ,,,where is it i don't see it.

  • kls

    Damn this ain't Carmels it's Bubb post. So Bubb this apology goes to you.

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