Satan sent to earth in 1914?? My mom's on drugs!

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  • kls

    Aids Virus yes but remember when there was Small Pox, Black Plague, Leprosy, etc. Those deadly disease's took the lives of entire towns and thousands of people at an early age in a matter of days. These diseases were before 1914.

  • Annanias

    kls, I know, and "where is this promised presence of his?" I agree that the black death, and small pox, and all that is that did occur before 1914; however, anyone who is going to say that the 14th centrury and the 21st century are the same hasn't been paying attention.

  • Nosferatu

    For God loved the world so much that he cast his only begotten Satan to us.

    Why is it always between heaven and Earth? Why not heaven and Neptune? If God loves us so much, why did he confine Satan to the Earth? Why didn't he confine Satan to a different planet? Perhaps nobody knew of other planets when the bible was written?

  • Terry

    So, it took Jehovah 6,000 years to disfellowship Satan from heaven??

    What kind of example is He setting anyway?

    And, what is worse, Jah sent him to the congregation across the street! Earth!

  • boa

    Since Endor was where the battle took place, he shoulda left 'em there. The Ewoks coulda babysat them. Also, could leave all the gunners & psycho dubs there to have good upbuilding association with each other (barf).

  • TD

    You won't get any scriptures to refute what your mother has said, unless they are made up or misapplied.

    Interesting observation. I've noticed that with some of the more esoteric doctrines, a refutation of JW beliefs using the Bible, would require that one jump into the pig-pen and roll around in the muck with them.

    JW's don't just believe that heavenly events have rendered the world since 1914 unique, but that the 24 elders of Revalation picture an anointed class within the ranks of JW's, that the seven trumpets of Revelation were proclamations made at JW conventions, that the locusts of Revelation are JW's themselves, that the great crowd of Revelation are also a class within the ranks of JW's themselves, that Babylon of Revelation is all religions other than JW's, that opening of the seven seals of Revelation are events within JW history, even things as mundane as the installation of some new printing presses in the 1960's. It goes on and on and on.

    What makes this sheer nonsense possible is not so much a matter of interpretation as it is a matter of one's attitude toward the Bible. In other words, the idea that 1st century Jewish apocalyptic is in any way relevant to us requires that one adopt the wildly egocentric attitude of 18th and 19th century Protestantism at its worst.

    When challenged, JW's and those that think like them will demand alternative explanations for Revelation that fit this same mold. For example, you can deny that the 1st trumpet was sounded at a JW convention at Cedar Point, Ohio in 1921, but to really convince, you will have to provide some other event in the 20th century as an alternative.

    It is not until one firmly believes, as the JW's do, that Revelation was really written to, for and about US, or at the very least, to, for and about OUR TIME that there is even anything to argue about. In the long run, it's probably better to stay out of the pig-sty altogether.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Excellent comments TD. I especially liked this:

    the idea that 1st century Jewish apocalyptic is in any way relevant to us requires that one adopt the wildly egocentric attitude of 18th and 19th century Protestantism at its worst

    Revelation is open to all kinds of wacky interpretations once the obvious is ignored, that it is an apocalyptic book about Rome, the persecution of Christians by Emperor Nero and Emperor Domitian, legends that Nero would return, and the hope that this persecution would soon end.

  • glitter

    was when the great angel/devil battle over Endor happened. A select group of super-dubs were snatched from Earth and used to destroy the shield generator, thus allowing the capture of about a third of the total number of combatants.


  • Bubbamar

    Nocturn - Thank you so much for the scripture reference and the link!

    Boa - LMAO!! Very Creative

    Quotes - Please expound...History for Dummies needed.

    Nos - Great point - "Gee - thanks Jeboobah!! Now we know how precious we really are to you."

    TD - Yes, I was thinking egocentric too. I imagine in another 100 years there will still be people saying that Revelation and the term "generation" was meant for them.

  • Elsewhere
    Satan sent to earth in 1914?? My mom's on drugs!

    Sounds like your mom has been tok'in up using Watchtowers for wrapping paper!

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