Other Religions

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  • LittleToe

    Cross? Moi?
    Nawww, you must have me mistaken for some other poor sucker

    Carmel:What excellent advice !

    I don't often find myself immediately agreeing with you, as your manner seems often abrupt (it could just be the way I read you), however this one was right up my street. It also gives cause for me to drag a confession from my lips, i.e.:

    Terry, your marriage analogy was a cracker
    Don't go thinking I'm going soft on you, though

  • rain

    thanx for the post guys!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Terry said

    Being nice to people costs nothing and can mean a lot to them. Just letting somebody feel good is so easy and yet, why do we hold back sometimes?

    People, in general, hold back out of fear - or like you said, being stuck in their widdle heads. This our culture, this is our norm.

    JW's and exJWs hold back because everyone else is THEM, and we all know about THEM. They are not us, and they are going to be severely judged. Yeah, right.

    Being nice to people, getting out of ourselves and out of our own widdle heads, is very freeing, and feels just as good, if not better. After all, we're all human, and we're all really the same.

    Hugs to all


    PS: I agree with the discussion on the UU. The only church I have attended for an actual service instead of a wedding or AA. If I were going to go to "church" it would probably be the UU. I'm also interested in the Quakers as my ancestors were Friends. I just cannot get my arse up to be at a meeting by 10:00 on Sunday morning! Besides, I don't have a dress to wear

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