Problem recieving Watchtower & Awake "again"

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  • Dolllie

    This area is a little further north than Stamford, which is pretty much the area I am from, Mamaroneck, N.Y. I am real surprised, and caught off guard, by the racism in this area????

    I was looking at a website called "KlanWatch". They have a map that is supposed to show all the active "Klan" locations. "Waterbury CT." is supposed to be one of them & "IT IS BELIEVABLE".

  • shamus

    For the sake of sanity, I'll own up to it; I saw the thread, and remember it.

    I remember loads of responses, but I personally don't believe it either. They're completely baked, but not that baked. I never, ever, ever saw one case of racism toward blacks, or whatever the politically correct terminology is these days. I only saw it toward people that were East Indian.

  • shamus

    There is 'the clan' in your area, for sure. Certainly there are low-lying, white trash losers that blame they're problems on nothing more than utter bullshit. That has nothing to do with the witnesses, however.

    I really wouldn't get too riled up over it. The witnesses are baked at the best of times; what do you wanna read they're crap for anyways? Feel free to, but I'm just sayin' is all. I would take this as if it is 'the truth', then Jehobah doesn't want you, or me for that matter, because I dont' get that toilet paper either, LOL!

    And for god's sake, don't pull a shamus and insinuate that this person is a troll, LOL! (re: comment, where is she?) That's my trip!

  • Margie

    As far as racism in Connecticut goes, I can believe that Waterbury would be among the worst places. Nevertheless, I grew up as a JW in Connecticut and your experience surprised me. In my experience, JWs are happy whenever they don't get the door slammed in their face in field service. If they found someone who wanted their crap literature, I'd expect them to be rejoicing all the live-long day.

  • abbagail

    "We're Jehovah's Whitenesses..." (markfromcali)


    LOL! a brilliant play on words, crack me up.


    We had a black/white 'thing' going in this FLA cong I moved into in 1980. The atmosphere in that KH was like death-warmed-over, and the tension in the air didn't let up for another 5+ years afterward. As a newbie young sis, I never could figure out what the problem was. It was terrible. Eventually I was told by some of the old-timers that the 'black' KH had been sold because it was too small and everyone was integrated together into this new bigger more-modern KH, and the 'blacks' were "supposedly" not happy about having to "move in" with the whites. Of course, that was the 'whitey' version, so who knows...? Maybe it was the other way around? Either way, it was commonly rumored in those days that that KH "did not have Jehovah's holy spirit."


  • Bryan

    I have to say, I have seen several cases of racism in the organization. Mainly in Oklahoma and Texas.


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