Did you get a better job and/or obtain higher education after leaving JW's?

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  • Thechickennest
  • outnfree

    Hi, chicken!

    I left in '01 and am presently enrolled as a transfer student -- sophomore -- at my local university. I want to be a high school French teacher when I grow up.

    Nice to "meet" you!


  • Thechickennest

    Nice to meet you as well, outnfree! It is great that you are pressing forward. The WT has a way of keeping it slaves barefoot and poor.

  • Dawn

    Yes to both. I had a 1 yr paralegal certificate before I was DF'd and a fairly good job - but after I left I was offered a great promotion (which I probably would have turned down as a JW due to the travel and hours as I would miss meetings & service). The new promotion started me out $10,000 a year more than I was making and has continued to grow in salary (thank goodness). I also went back to school - nights & on-line, and I'm now in my 3rd year toward my bachelor's degree.

    When I was a JW I was struggling as a single parent, living in a 1 bedroom apartment and only made it month to month with the help of charities and my parents. I would probably have gotten a little better off financially because I am fairly good at saving and managing money - and I work hard. But I would never have jumped at the opportunities offered and would not have returned to college.

  • 95stormfront

    Most definitely......

    I was stuck in a job basically flipping burgers, no insurance, going nowhere fast and needing to make a change if I were to continue to support my family. The JW elders were concerned when I'd decided to go back to school, incensed when I rebuffed their "big gun" PO who along with his crony basically implied that even if I went to school and got a better job in the feild I was studying, that I'd never make much more than I was making at the time.

    Fast forward to today I have a career I love and learn from everyday, relative job security, increased my income 400%, and the once skeptical JW wife no longer has to work.

    Though, right now, she'll swear that she was on my side all along.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    No, I left after 75, but still didn't understand that it was all a crock of Shite and that armagedumb wasn't going to kill me soon. I only found that out just before I started posting here, which wasn't that long ago. Meanwhile, I was just cruising waiting for a bruising from Dad's vindictive God.

    Do I feel stupid? Yep, sure do. Does the old man feel stupid for selling me that crap? Not likely, he's still at it and thinks I'm evil cos I openly rubbish it.

  • DebraDoll

    Did I EVER! Just graduated from Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY WITH HONORS (only 3 days after turning 47 and on CRUTCHES no less after breaking two toes!) ! I received an AS and a NYS Paralegal Certificate just 3 years before this amazing accomplishment too! It is NEVER too late to seize control over our lives-one woman in a philosophy class was EIGHTY-SEVEN! Now THAT is inspirational. But to dispel all excuses of why we CAN'T go and just DO IT is the most rewarding and healing journey out of the organization. For anyone still fumbling over the reasons that keep you from doing it, I can tell you honestly that the only thing keeping you from it is yourself!

  • Odrade

    Working on it... although right now I'm going to be working in an aquarium store while I finish my last term of vocational school. After that I'll have a good job and be able to (FINALLY) start college like I should have done 15 years ago.


  • BrendaCloutier

    While a JW I did janitorial, housekeeping, ironing, and construction site cleanup.

    After I got my GED and got bored being a housewife, I went to work full-time as a file clerk.

    I've spent 7 years in the insurance industry, 3 years in Commercial Property Management, and 15 years in and around the computer industry. Everything from secretarial, office management, account manager, property manager, customer service, insurance agent, technical support, field trainer, systems administration (unix, xenix, vax/vms, novell, ms).

    Always underpaid because I'm a woman.... but those were the times. Can't work now due to FibroMyalgia and arthritis.

    Not bad for a high school dropout, er, ah, pull-out.

  • Carmel

    Went from a highschool education to a Masters Degree.

    Went from farm worker to Fisheries Research Scientist..

    Does that count??


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