JWs can't spell

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  • Jim_TX

    JWs do not have a sole lock on mis-spelling words - or poor grammer.

    I am seeing it all around nowadays... it is even creeping into advertising. Occassionally, I will see it on billboards, or on TV ads.

    I have seen it at the laundromat in posted signs there.

    So - the result of poor educations - or lack of people to 'care' - or whatever... is begining to show up.

    But!! What is worse are the purposely mis-spelled words - that are then picked up by uneducated folks - and incorporated into general language and spelling.

    This is beginning to happen a lot. (I just cannot think of any specific examples right at the moment.)


    Jim TX

  • Been there
    Been there

    Wat du u meen tha kant spel?

  • Ghosthunter

    I have noticed that there are a lot of people on this board that were former JW's cannot seem to spell. However, I see the same amount of misspellings on just about every board I've visited. I think it's a general trend that schools in the recent past just don't "knock it into your head" how to spell. I, myself, am a meticulous speller but that is because it was drilled into my head from a very young age. I hate to admit it , but I was even in a couple of spelling bees in grammar school. Maybe it was the school district I attended, I don't know.

    I also see a lot of college educated people that cannot spell, nor do they know how to use proper grammar. I look at resumes nearly every working day and it never ceases to amaze me what people consider proper English. I do not have a college education, BTW.

    I agree that a lot of misspellings are due to typos. As I went to high school in the late 70's, early 80's, I learned to type on a manual typewriter. I developed a typing "rhythm" that allows me to be accurate and fast. People that learn to type on a keyboard do not learn that rhythm.

    Anyway, my $.02 for the day.


  • CeriseRose

    In one of my Tech writing courses we talked about the current trends in communication and in language in general. The 'teacher' (an in-the-field technical writer) said that it was common thought that the abbreviated text may become the wave of the future and drive some of the current word usage into the 'antique' category.

    "s8r" may be the way, a hundred years from now, we spell 'skater.' Horrifying to language purists, but let's face it, English is a nightmare as it is anyway, with all those silent e's and other useless bits. *grin*

  • wednesday

    Seems when i was being taught to spell, they were into phonics, and "sounding it our" idea. My doc(a bit older than me) says that does not work well in teaching people to spell. I have no clue, I guess I'm missing a spelling gene. So that means i'm spelling impared. I went to college in my later years, and graduated and can read at a high level, but my spelling is really bad. b/c it is so bad, and there is no spell checker on this board, I limit my words to things I hope I can spell.

  • RunningMan

    Cerise: I'm afraid I have to correct your spelling - it should be "sk8r", not "s8r".

    By the way, would God's nemesis become "s8n". That's pretty cool. But then, Satan was always pretty cool.

  • kls

    Wednesday i used to be the best speller and as the years pass i even forget how to spell my name sometimes. You spell just fine and as for me i could careless how people spell, as long as i can read what they are trying to say. I do not judge people on how they spell, i judge on the person they are.

  • jgnat

    How much written work does a Jehovah's Witness child have to produce? Is the work corrected for spelling and grammar? My mother and grandmother taught me to spell and compose English properly. They were strict and relentless. My mother and grandmother and the West Indies British Reader. Thank you Britain!

    Dare I? I must! Some disregard the rules of English on principle.

    We must perhaps also give posibility fore the innocent part in fore exampel marrige where one is unfaithfull, to overule the decitions from the kommite.We have a new family in our cong when the PO was betrade the man and use hes woman fore several years, the punishment fore this was only reprof, and the kommite told the innocent man that he must forgive this bad elder, and the bad elder also say this, he must be forgiven beacause the organisation have deside this, terrribel very humilaityd fore the innocent man.

    Perhaps happyman considers himself exempt from such man-made rules. Wasn't it Henry the VIII, with sinister motive, who finally chained down the English spellings?

  • Terry

    Runningman: Maybe Cerise meant S8r:

    A mythological Greek creature, half man and half goat, who attended Dionysus and represented male sexuality and drunken revelry; goatskin-clad followers of Dionysus who served as the chorus of the satyr play.

  • CeriseRose

    ROFL Well, considering how messed up I've been on the boards today, I'm not surprised I misspelled it.

    In my defense, I will say that I don't use that type of 'leet' speak much...it's just not me. And now you see why I don't.

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