JWs can't spell

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  • Nosferatu

    I was reading some comments on Randy's site, and lately I've been noticing a trend - a majority of JWs can't spell. I've seen them come on here and their spelling is very poor. Here's an example:

    What a nut case! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Even if you don't post this comment at lease YOU are reading it! The elders are not the police. I have never heard such a fabrication of the truth in all the BS that has come my way about the organization. For one thing, the "Mother Organziation" as you call it, does not concern itself with petty matters as trying to "clear" the site we go on. That is so stupid. They warn us about the internet but that's it. They don't have time to scrutize every website we go on.The elders are far to busy in taking care of the families, working, and preparing for meetings assignments then to be wasting thier time "tapping phones, peeking in people windows from the bushes etc." You are th biggest idiot I have come across. It would be one thing if your argument was intelligent but it simply isn't. It's just plain stupid and has no tangible content to even consider...so get a life dork.

    Do you think this is because of the discouragement of getting a higher education?

  • candidlynuts

    i'd make a cutting comment but dang i caint spell neeether

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    That and get this because we are apostate scum we aren't worthy of the spell check courtesy. Check Mark

  • myauntfanny

    Danny you crack me up.

    Nos, lots of non-JWs can't spell either (not that I want to defend JWs). I've begun to wonder if spelling even taught in school any more. But I am always surprised by the vitriol in their internet posts, it's like in cyberspace they are set free to be as nasty as they'd really like to be. That's what they really wish they could say out in service. I spent all those years thinking they were really very nice people who were just deeply deluded and confused. Now I look at those big innocent smiles and wonder what kind of vileness they've been posting on the internet when they feel unwatched.

  • Terry

    Re: Bad spelling

    Do you think this is because of the discouragement of getting a higher education?


    It is like table manners or not farting in an elevator. Age and education has little to do with it.

    Ever see somebody pull up to a redlight and toss a beer can out the window? That is the equivalent of not learning how to spell. It comes down to this:

    "This is the easy way for me; screw you".

    Spelling correctly, washing your hands before you eat, not being late, saying "please" and "thank you" are all signposts that mark the boundries where civilization ends and the outlands of barbarism begin.

  • sleepy

    There is no such thing a spelling "correctly".
    You can spell so you are understood by a certain group of people.
    In Britain I can write colour, in the US color.
    None is correct.
    Often mistakes on the internet are down to typing slips.

  • Terry

    Correctness does not exist in a void.

    CONTEXT always determines the meaning of a word.

    Would we say of being paid by our employer, "There is no correct amount I'll be paid. After all there are pounds, dollars, shekels, etc."

    No, we expect to be paid an exact (or correct) amount in the CONTEXT of our pay agreement.

    When we write or speak we enter a contract of context. To be understood we abide by certain guidelines of correctness.

    When we drive on the road we stay on the lanes designated and avoid driving in the face of traffic. The country we live in determines the context of which lane is correct. But, surely we wouldn't attempt to say there is no correct lane in which to drive?

    There is correct speech and correct spelling. Human error can produce mistakes. But, mistakes are not intentional. Bad grammar and lousy spelling are an attitude of intentionality. It demonstrates what somebody thinks you are worth when they are speaking to you.

    If somebody farts out loud on purpose when you are in the room with them; they are commenting on how they value you.

    Surely this is obvious?

  • Crooked Lumpy Vessel
    Crooked Lumpy Vessel

    IMHO - The words you highlighted appear to me to be the result of a lazy typist. When you see people using the word their when it should be spelled there would be more convincing to me that the person was grammatically challenged. Spell checker could easily have caught the misspelled word.

  • Undecided

    I'm an awful speller, but can spot a misspelled word easily. I use a spell checker to help me out.

    Ken P.

  • Joker10

    The average Witness with only high school education is probably better educated than others with similar amounts of schooling. The General Social Surveys says active Witnesses score, on the 10-word vocabulary test, as well as members of the general population who have attended college and almost as well as those who have graduated-- inactive Witnesses do not perform nearly as well.

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