Can You Picture Jesus Christ Being a Jehovah's Witness???

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  • mzliz

    No one in their right mind is a JW. THis is off topic, but im 27 And new to this.

    I need some support. I DA myself when i was 19 and at 24 after college, career etc. decided to put my self aside and go back to it. My elder brother and sister married to MS were having little ones left and right and i wanted to be part of their lives and i love these little munchkins........I missed my family. thats the evil little ploy.

    it took me 1 year to get reinstated, even after applying after 6 months the "brothers" in Ny wouldnt let it happen, dont really like those who DA themselves. I got involved right off with the "weak " crowd drinking lots , distracting myself from my heart and my head. How can you think clearly about anything when in a constant alcohol fog?

    Well i decided to sober up, and have been for 3 months and wow its all so clear....and now im really angry.

    Im pissed that i was raised in a cult, not taught how to live a balanced life, being molested by my elder grandfather who was never brought to the athorities (and when i tried to noone would back me up, afraid of dragging the name through the mud).I dont go to meetings anymore, im trying to drift away because io dont want anyone to tell my flesh and blood that they cant talk to me.....ive been through that and it sucks....yet theyre all freaking out because i dont go and exluding me from family stuff already.........dazed and confused.....

  • confusedjw

    Hey man, welcome. Stick around - it's helpful. You of course are right, no one should tell your flesh and blood how to treat you. It's a ploy and it's evil.

  • Wallflower

    Jesus at the wedding turned wine into water.

    But if Jesus was a JW, he'd spend all his time trying to ease his conscience by using the only outlet he could - turning wine into water.


  • Elsewhere

    If Jebus were a JW he would promptly be DFed for apostasy and questioning the elders. Hell, at least this time the Pharisees, I mean elders, would not be able to get away with killing him.

  • kwintestal

    I agree with Elsewhere, he would be talked to for moving ahead of the organization and not waiting on Jehovah who gives good food at the proper time. Shortly after he would be DF'd for healing on the sabbath instead of placing magazines, and not eating his fair share of donuts.

  • kwintestal

    And don't forget the loose conduct associating with hookers and tax collectors.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yup, I agree....Jesus would be df'd because of "going ahead" of the borganization, bad association, and apostasy.

    Frannie B

  • Glenmore

    Actually, that is something I did think about as I was collecting the nails for my JW coffin. The two things I recall is that Jesus celebrated a "worldly" holiday, Hannukah, and used the name of a false god (Uranus) when talking about Heaven. Paul would have made a better JW.

  • Athanasius
  • jwsons

    YES, He already be disfellowshipped by at least these following elders:


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