Puppy shoots man who is about to kill him......

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  • desib77
  • Satanus

    Will the puppy be pressing charges? More importantly, did it have a permit?


  • Xena

    talk about your ironic justice, huh?

  • desib77
    talk about your ironic justice, huh?

    my thoughts exactly.....

  • bull01lay

    Guess he should have thought twice before breeding 'gun dogs' !!

    Yay, 1 for the puppies!!! Shame it wasn't aiming at his groin!!


  • Panda

    This is why I hate people. How F*&^$$^%^ stupid this idiot had to he to hold pups to shoot them...good grief. Sometimes I get ao upset watching animal planets show animal cops that I want to hunt down people. But maybe I'd be stupid because I'd keep the pups if no one wanted them. But of course we all know that this guy never tried to "give" his pups away. Does he have children? Maybe this is a hint about child abuse? I've heard that someone who harms anilas is unbalanced.

  • badboy

    Didn't he know the nearest address of a animal shelter?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    Panda: I know how you feel about animal cop shows. I don't watch them anymore, they make me too stirred up. This guy is, hopefully at least, temporarily out of the gene pool. I wish people would spay and neuter their dogs if they aren't breeders. Even people with "puppy mills" should be fined and jailed.


  • desib77

    Country Girl and Panda...

    I know exactly how you feel. Animal cruelty makes me sick and sooooo mad. In college, I wrote a speech for one of my classes on dog fighting. Doing the research made me absolutely ill. I would literally feel sick to my stomach and have to take breaks. I was horrified by all that I found out and so angry.

    I was glad I did the speech. It went over well with my audience and I believe people should be more aware of what goes on. Maybe this way they will notice animal cruelty and report it.

  • Jim_TX


    "I wish people would spay and neuter their dogs if they aren't breeders."

    I think that this fella needs to be 'spayed'. He ain't too bright.

    Hearing a story like this... *shaking head* ...there's all sorts of idiots in the world.


    Jim TX

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