My friend just Dissasociated himself - shocker!

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  • undercover
    Ahhh... so he refused to take any crap from the elders!

    Yep, I agree with that. His son is a boxer. Boxing used to be a DFing offense. It may have changed, but not all elders get the memos, if you know what I mean. The son isn't a baptized JW maybe, but the father, taking an active part in his son's career has probably gotten the elders all hot and bothered about it. I could see the elders telling the father that he could not have an active part in his son's career as it is against the rules. Father says FU and thus the elders declare him DAd on the "brazen, defiant attitude" clause.

  • willyloman

    are you sure about this:

    But they have announced in my hall in which is 60 miles from his that due to loose conduct he has dissassociated himself.

    Such an announcement would be highly unusual. These announcements are scripted and elders have clear instructions not to go off the script. Of course, some do. Perhaps you meant the talk that followed mentioned loose conduct in some way. I'm just curious how far off course these guys went. On the other hand, if you made a mistake, this just hands JWs ammunition to discount anything they read here.

  • DaCheech

    Unfortunately he was one of those in which I will always use to show hypocrisy in the congregation: "Hey, sister spiritual, he used to be d'fd for xx xx!" "did you know that"

    Yeah that label by all never left him. His older son and daughter from another marriage (active and zealots) never forgave him for leaving his wife, and never spoke to him again, even after

    reinstatement. I always felt sorry for him to come to assemblies seeing his son/daughter and they looked the other way! Luckily he has a new family.

    I wish them the best

  • Carmel

    You can be DF's for boxing, but not for flaunting your body around in a mini-skirt whilst swatting a little fuzzy ball back and forth over a net?



  • kls

    I wonder if he dissociated himself under the threat of being DF?

  • Farkel

    Several years ago, a few of us predicted that the word "disfellowship" will eventually disappear from the JW jargon. We also predicted that the term "disassociate" will replace it and would be used in all cases. That way, when the society wants to DF someone they can claim that by the person's conduct, they have dissacociated THEMSELVES from the religion.

    This practice has already been in place in a very limited form even since I left the religion in 1972. If a dub went into the military or (back then) tool alternative military service voluntarily (without having been convicted and sentenced to alternative military service) the society could not disfellowship that person because it would violate Federal Law. Instead, they announced the person had disassociated himself.

    We all know that DFing and DAing are a distinction without a difference. The effect is the same. However, by making it appear that a person had voluntarily left the religion by not adhering to its standards, even if that isn't the case they can legally argue that they didn't forcibly kick the person out.

    It looks like the case in this thread is showing the society is "leaning" more and more towards that practice.

    What a bunch of bastards they are!


  • DaCheech

    "are you sure about this:"

    This was done in another language, so I'm trying my best to transcribe.

    But it must of been that, and the local needs talk was the same night

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