Article in Awake! is Truly Disturbing................

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  • DaCheech

    I know myself that Convention stories are "exaggerated" to "encourage"

    Same is here.

    Also there is to note (not as a rule, but an observance) that poor people have little to hope for. So when someone

    comes knocking on your door with paradise! Whoa!

  • Euphemism

    It's sad that the WTS exploits people from dysfunctional backgrounds, preying upon their need for belongingness. But I just have to respond to a couple of the comments:

    5) Not once did Nelly say anything good about her mom. Did mom feed her? Clothe her? Allow her to study with the JWs? Um...Yes, yes, yes, and yes! But Nelly could only talk about the "opposing" mom, the anti-JW mom. Gee, I wonder how mom and stepdad will feel after reading this article?

    7) Nelly slapped her parents the same way Moe would slap Larry and Curly (or Shemp) (simultaneous SLAP! SLAP!) when she said: Her employer and his wife was something she always wanted: A loving family.

    All three just seemed to have "issues". But were Nelly's parents SO bad because they were SOMETIMES opposed to her studying with the JWs?

    I don't think that's the issue. I think the real issue is that Nelly grew up in a dysfunctional--and in all likelihood, emotionally abusive--household. That is precisely what made her such easy prey for the JWs.

    If I were you, I wouldn't criticize Nelly for standing up to her family of origin. To the contrary, that is an important part of her emotional healing. I hope that someday she finds the strength to continue her journey, and move away from her emotionally abusive surrogate family, the JWs.

  • Noumenon

    The article hardly seemed disturbing.....more sad and an interesting example of the typical kind of person who often forms strong bonds with this religion, ie, very insecure and emotionally needy persons from dysfunctional backgrounds. Every congregation has lots of them. Individuals with emotional issues whose need for family and belongness is often morphed into unquestion attachment to the congregation and organisation.

    If Nelly was saved from ending up in a mental institution or a life devoid of any hope or meaning through her JW experience and is now quite happily settled with a husband and family of her own now, then in true pragmatic fashion some good has come out of it all I'd say, albeit in the context of now being firmly ensconced in a very controlling religion. Has she gone from the fire to the pan, or the pan to the fire? Who can say.

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