Do you scream at your tv?

by kls 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • kls

    Oh yes it is that time of year again. The time that my dogs hide when football starts because of my husband screaming at the tv. Do you scream at the tv knowing that the players can not hear you? Will screaming at the tv and the players really help your team ? Of coarse not . My poor dogs will have to wait for another season of football to be over before they can out from under the beds.

  • candidlynuts

    i used to scream at my tv till it started screaming back ..(insert twilight zone music here)

  • iiz2cool

    I scream at my TV during hockey season. I've been known to moon it too.


  • kls

    Candid,you kill me and yes you are Candidlynuts,,,,,,,lol

  • Stefanie

    Only If i have been drinking..

    My current will scream and turn red when football is on.. And if his team wins he does the "stir the koolaid" dance..

  • doogie

    basketball is my drug of choice. no one will watch it with me anymore.

    my uncle put his fist through the door when the cubs were knocked out last year. that's sort of like yelling.

  • Elsewhere

    Scream? Hell no! I will fuss at characters using fully qualified scentences!

    "You fat head!!! What's wrong with you?!?!?"

    "Don't do that!!! Don't you learn anything??? Everytime I watch this show there is a monster behind that door!"

  • Netty

    hubby does, I think it is hilarious!

  • truthseeker1

    I scream at the football players on the TV, not at the TV itself. Screaming at a TV is silly.

  • Stefanie

    Last time i screamed at the tv is when i rented Old School..

    There was alot of a$$ in that movie!

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