They Aren't Your Friends

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  • TheOldHippie

    Sisters and brothers asking the same questions about my health every time they see me - they don't care, they don't bother, it's all just superfluous talk, no depth. A pioneer who has the same illness but to a lesser degree, is talked about a lot, poor guy, this and that, have to recommend him some medicine etc. - me? no one bothers. Just a former elder who resigned in protest. Cannot be trusted. Has ideas of his own.

    Friends? Thought I had some. Realize I never had. And do not have now. We live alone, and we die alone. I have followed my dogs to the vet, have been there when they got their final injection, have lied to them - "hsh, nothing to worry about, just an injection, just lie quiet, soon you'll feel no pain, it's all to be just fine, soon you'll be roaming in huge spaces, in never-ending fields", and then I have patted and caressed them and told them "thank you for the long and nice walks we have had together in the forests" and have left their bodies on the table of death. They were all closer friends of mine than people were. I still remember each of their particularities, I miss them more that I miss most people. I dread the moment my horses must be followed.

    Friends? Only four-legged ones.

  • shamus

    Friendship with old dub friends, even when faded, I find strained at best. They are so screwed in the head, they only think of dub terminology and dub dates and times. It's sad, but these friendships must end until they wake up and smell the coffee. They still have the fear of 'jehovah', and wouldn't dare even consider that the 'society' is wrong. All words I just recently heard. Cult speak.

  • Annanias

    Old Hippie - you sound like you could be my clone. I'm sorry about your animals, I think that we humans rarely realize that our pets are perfect creatures, and in a sense, somewhat better than we are. You obviously did more on your "long walks" than tally your FS score for the month. I have a question, however, and it may be too personal, which, if it is, please accept my apologies for my nosiness up front. (No pun intended) Getting "disappeared" (isn't that what the NKVD use to do to enemies of the state?) is traumatic, I speak from personal experience, but what was it that separated you from the org, and (please, allow me one more) what is your current feelings toward Jehovah? Not his minions, his org, his children, but him?

  • Monski

    Old Hippie.

    Dogs don't care what religion you are and how you live your life. They just reciprocate the love you show them! Pity most humans (particularly former JW friends) are not the same!

  • TheOldHippie

    Thank you for your thoughts - I'll try to respond in a little while.


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