They hired a JW at my job

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    I once got this advice from a Disciple of Christ minister who had been raised by a JW aunt. "You just have to outlove them; besides it confounds the hell out of them".

  • Netty
    You don't have to handle it any way. Just act towards her like your other co-workers act toward her. The work place is not the place for proseletyzing and conversions, so I would remind her that you are in a professional environment and you'd prefer to keep it that way if she ever starts up. You aren't required to reveal your status to her at any cost.

    I couldnt have said it any better. Why do you owe her any explanationat all? We dont go around fretting that we have to explain to non-witnesses, what our witness status or religion is. Why would you want to put the power into her hands, to begin to mistreat you? Keep the ball in your court. I agree too, if she starts to "witless" to you, let her know work is not the place for it.

  • Preston

    I think Country Girl's advice is dead on. I think there's no need to initiate any sory of dialogue at present at work regarding religious matters. She evidently takes it seriously, maybe she might consider your opinion a threat to her spirituality and decides to seek employment elsewhere:

    Girl: Hey Boss, I'm going to have to give you my two weeks notice...

    Boss: Why?!?!

    Girl: Well, um, its unsafe for me to work here, one of my employees is a threat to my spirituality.

    LOL. As for the pictures......AHHHH, memories....

  • Sweetp0985

    From my own personal experience, don't let on too quick that you're df'd...I didn't even make the mistake of doing this...My loving dub mom took care of it for me...As I have mentioned on many threads, even tho I'm a member of a Baptist church, and been df'd for over 7 yrs in my mom's mind I'm still a "on punishment" dub...NOT!!! But anyway, I had just started this job and I knew the girl as being a dub but she for some reason didn't recognize or rather remember me. So I was there for like 5 or 6 months and everyday she would come in and speak to me, hold conversations, etc. just like with all the other people. One day my mom came to my job (selling Avon) which almost got me in trouble, but her and the girl got to talking and WOW they are both dubs...Whoopee! But leave it to my mom to not leave well enough alone and put my business all out...She told the girl I was df'd and like I knew would happen...She stopped talking to me...Now mind you for the 5-6 months before this she was coming to my desk talking about books she was reading (if any of you know about books by ZANE, these are some freaky ass books) and yes she was telling me all about how she was reading them and they were so funny...The whole time I'm like hmmmm and you're supposed to be a dub huh? But I just looked at it like I always do and said to each his own....But after she found I was df'd she couldnt talk to me no more because I was the bad one...c'mon now..THis is the only thing about the dubs that pisses me off the most..I'm not sorry at all that I'm no longer one, but the ardasity (sp) of them to look down on me when most of them do the same or even worse things than me and they look down on me...

  • Sassy

    I think you handled yourself well. There is no need to tell her you are dfd.. its none of her business any way.. and you want a normal working relationship

    Amazing how you could go years without knowing another coworker's religion, but we all had to know about this girl within 4 days. They had an assembly this weekend, and of course, we all knew exactly why she was taking the day off.
    yeah.. but remember, JWs are supposed to use every opportunity to informal witness.. she had to open the door for future conversations and "hour counting"
  • iiz2cool

    I don't know if any of my co-workers are JWs, and frankly, I don't care. I come here to do my job, not talk about religion. That's not what I'm getting paid for. If someone chooses to disclose what their religion is, it doesn't place me under any obligation to do likewise.


  • unbeliever

    There is a dub that works in my office. She is very professional and does not witness at work. She knows about my history with the dubs and is still friendly. Of course I am her boss so it would be in her best interest not to shun me.

  • Golf

    With all the new things happening to her, it would difficult to burst her 'bubble.' Patience and time, make them work for you.

    Guest 77

  • Dawn

    Hi Dura:

    I deal with a few JW's in my job also. I just treat them like everyone else. You're not a JW any longer so you have no obligation to follow their rules - hence, no reason to tell her your DF'd. I don't tell people I'm DF'd unless I WANT to for a particular reason.

    If you like her, be friendly with her and leave it at that. Some day in the future the opportunity may arise where you can plant a seed - but the best thing to do is just let fate take it's course and don't think of yourself as an X-JW - think of yourself as a normal human being. You don't live in their world anymore.

  • dura-luxe

    Thanks, all.

    I actually work in a very strange environment, so I'm not too worried about discrimination or lawsuits, although it's always a concern (I work in a 3-person office in a house that's under construction, because the guy who owns this internet company also owns a construction company).

    I guess that a part of me just wishes there were some way to help this girl. I see so much of myself in her. It's sad to work so closely with someone and want so desperately to make them see the truth (the REAL truth, of course, not "the truth" that they claim to have). It's very frustrating to watch someone being brainwashed but know deep down that there is nothing you can do about it.

    I like the quote about kindness "confounding the hell out of them". Thank you for that.

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