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  • seattleniceguy

    Hi Dansk,

    Hoping you feel better soon.


  • Dansk

    Gosh, Heather - Everyone! - another thread for me

    I love all your comments and beautiful pictures. Words mean as much to me as any awe-inspiring pictures - and they are definitely awe-inspiring and uplifting! THANK YOU!!

    I'm afraid chemotherapy is looking more imminent. I go see my oncologist tomorrow and I feel the time has come to accept treatment. I am feeling discomfort in my stomach region now. I've had aches there these past few days and, as this disease is known to travel through the lymphatic system, I am fearful of leaving it too long. Others with this disease have had treatment and many are doing well under the circumstances. The average life-span was 2-3 years, but some have gone twice as long and are still doing well. I guess medicine has moved on.

    I know this body of mine is but a shell but I don't want to leave my lovely family and friends for quite a while yet . If it has to be, then so be it. I am ready. If I am blessed in being given more time I intend to use that time to help others. For the moment I am too sickly to do much. I tend to stay at home where I feel comfortable and can relax. To be honest, the way I feel right now I'd gladly accept the chemo!

    My beautiful border collie bitch, Rosie, went to the vet to be spayed this morning. I took her the short walk and then came home and felt awful that she had to be operated on. Actually, I had no choice as she was purchased from a rescue centre. One of the stipulations is that all bitches are spayed - otherwise they come and take the dogs back!! Rosie has come home with a bucket-type collar on so that she can't open up her stitches. She's still somewhat disoriented and our younger bitch, Sally, gives her a gentle lick on her nose now and again. Rosie looks well and I'm glad she's back home. Sally will have to have the same operation as she is a rescued dog, also.

    Thank you so much for your regular thoughts and prayers, which have helped lift me above the bad times. Just a few simple words can make an enormous difference. I shall never forget!

    Bless you all.


    Ian (Dansk)

  • Valis

    There ya go Dansk! I thought another awe inspiring picture might not hurt. I hope all goes well w/the oncologist...

  • Dansk

    Much can be said without words, too, Valis!



  • FlyingHighNow

    Back to the top.

  • wednesday

    Rainbows always inspire me. They signal the end of a storm and beginning of a new day. Thus for you I pray the beginning of a brand new day, filled with hope.


  • Dansk

    Thank you Heather!

    Wednesday, I love rainbows, too . They are so inspiring! Thanks!! I saw the professor this morning and he laid it on the line. I either have treatment or my body will deteriorate. At this moment in time I'm still feeling good and looking well. I don't have any of the usual problems associated with this disease, such as night sweats, loss of appetite, etc., (actually, I eat and eat most days!). However, the prof. said that my tumour mass is large. So, I have been offered a place in a clinical trial consisting of around 8x Fludarabine and Cyclophosphamide. It's a random trial, with 50% of patients also receiving a drug called Rituximab. I stated I wanted the Rituximab but he said no-one in the UK on the trial can receive it other than at random. In all honesty my avenues were exhausted as he made it plain he wouldn't entertain anything else. I had three choices, "off-the-shelf chemo", clinical trial phase III, or no treatment at all. I've consented to go on the trial as I can't see any other option. I have to have a CT scan beforehand, though, as the prof. wants to know if the disease has spread since my last CT scan of three months ago. The prof. said I'd have to be an in-patient for around 3 days. He said my tumour is so big that when it shrinks he needs to keep an eye on me so that any debris doesn't get stuck in my kidneys, for example! A comment like that makes me feel I should have had treatment ages ago - but in line with what others with Mantle Cell Lymphoma have stated I didn't wish to go through similar traumas. I could well be a baldy in a few weeks. Anyone wishing to kiss my head is welcome! Love and best wishes to all, Ian

  • Narkissos


    I'm really sorry for this development, but I'm glad the treatment won't be delayed anymore since you've made your mind by now.

    Silly as it may sound: may you be at peace, safe and happy through it all.

    Thinking of you and your family,


  • shera

    *kisses forhead*

    Here is a****hug**** too

  • Sunnygal41

    Hi Ian!


    They say laughter is the very best medicine for what ails ya.........your comments about being bald made me remember my very favorite bald, sexy, funny, evil guy in the world...........yes, you've guessed it...........I found a site of famous quotes, sound bites, from Dr. Evil!!! I hope you laugh til your ribs ache and your belly hurts!!!



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