Switching Names

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  • FlyingHighNow
    Anyone know what I would need to do?

    To be sure, ask your driver's license office. If your middle name is spelled out on your birth certificate, social security card and driver's license/state ID card, then you shouldn't have a hard time over it. But if you don't have your middle name spelled out on your DL then you will have problems with a checking account possibly. Be sure to ask your new bank about it. Generally banks want your DL to match the name on your account and social security card.


  • CountryGuy
    What is involved in doing this? Since it is my middle name I don't have to do anything to complex like a name change do I? I want to be able to use it on my checking account and sign it as my signature. Anyone know what I would need to do?

    Happy Birthday, Desi!

    I've used my middle name my whole life. I have credit cards in my middle name. I've bought automobiles and a house using just my middle name. However, I've been forced to use my first name in some instances (college, work). In those instances, I insist they spell out both my first and middle names and not do the middle initial. It's worked very well for me.

    As for banking, about six or seven years ago, I had my check book stolen and the jerk wrote over $700 in checks. My bank at the time (Bank of America aka Bank of Evil) gave me all kind of hassels because the signature the crook used was very similar to mine. Once I finally got my money, I closed the account and went to a new bank. Since then I have put my first name on the account and used my middle name on the signature card. This gives me the ability to use the name that I've always used and it also gives me an 'extra' amount of security. My banks in Texas and Arkansas have had no issue with this.


  • desib77

    Thanks for the info.

    I think I want to start using my first initial and then spelled out middle and last names. I hope this won't be too difficult.

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