Joining a new religion!!!!ARGGGGG

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  • Lilac5

    As former JWs I was wondering if anyone else was plagued with nighmares at the thought of joining a new religion. I worried that if I "open the door" I might end up in another choke hold!!!! HELLLLP!!

  • Scully

    I have absolutely NO interest in joining ANY other religion. Ever. To me, it's all more of the same, just in varying degrees, of what JWs offered. Thanks but no thanks.

    That's not to say, however, that spirituality is unimportant. I really believe that spirituality is more easily explored outside the framework of "religion".

    I would be wary of any group that makes you feel uncomfortable, or that gives you that hmmmm this is kind of familiar vibe.

    Love, Scully

  • jgnat

    I bet your dreams are your fears working their way out of your system. I recently saw a documentary on siamese twins. These boys separated very young, dream that somehow they are reattached. Such a possibility is a nightmare for them. These two distinct boys, with unique abilities, say it would be awful to be joined at the hip. The independence they enjoy now would be replaced by a life of compromise.

    I bet your fears are very similar. Loss of independence and control.

    Maybe it would help to drive around the block several times past a local church honking your horn and laughing hilariously? No boogieman can make you go inside.

    Just a thought!

  • Lilac5

    Scully, You had the same kind of thoughts I did!! I am exploring all types of spirituality. There are just so many things about the JW religion that are ingrained in my head.

  • Lilac5

    Great idea jgnat!! Next Sunday.....I'm there!!!! Anyone care to join me?????

  • Netty

    I also would never join another religion. But, what I have done is, I drop in on one church very close to home, as much as I can on Sunday morning. This is just to give my children some sort of church in their lives. You can do a little like that, just church on Sunday, but no committment to become a member. I still get real wary when I hear them putting any kind of emphasis on babptism (we've seen a few since we've been there, swimming pool is right inside of the stage).

  • Markfromcali

    The whole idea of joining is a little weird if you think about it. I mean do you "join" a friendship? Do you "join" another in marriage or as a significant other in some way? Doesn't it happen in a more natural way rather than some kind of contract?

    Of course, even in interpersonal relationships like that there are people who have been burned and are understandably wary, but things eventually develop naturally without you saying you're gonna "join" something. I suppose the thing with religion is that it's kind of hard to find something where it can develop naturally like that, there tends to be a formal process of joining with certain conditions. I would be open to joining such a group, but then it is acknowledged to be more of a formality, as you would naturally have something in common with the people, any formal membership would be just that, a formality.

    The contrast is one that takes the formality so seriously so as to overshadow and dominate the natural element, in which case it is nothing more than the worship of that particular religion rather than something bigger, regardless of their specific belief. Most tend to be self or group inflicted mind prisons. The particular design of the jail is not the issue here, in terms of freedom it's the fact that you're kept inside.

  • Carmel

    What's the name of the "New Religion"? Or did you mean joining another sect of an "old religion", like one that's 2000 years old??


  • codeblue

    Ditto what Scully said

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi Lilac

    Nope.. not interested in most of the organized religions.

    But, I am hankering for more information and ways to view things these days.

    I think I'll just read alot of differing views and make my self a mish-mash of my OWN spirituality.

    Something unique to me.

    Something that fits right.

    Oh,.. and it will have that old time rock and roll in it too. Something that lifts the spirit and make ya feel good.

    Special K

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