An Eye-Opener Concerning Ovarian Cancer

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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Thanks, CBlue....I'm glad the content was corrected....but at least it got many to looking and thinking about this. :)

    Frannie B

  • CeriseRose

    Regardless of the 'urban myth' it is one of the highest rated killers of women...and completely 'fixable' if caught early with an ultrasound. Sadly, most women don't present symptoms till 3rd or 4th stage...way too late.

    It's not part of routine testing (like mammograms) but I've heard they're starting to advocate for it.

    Because of how my parents died and my own exposure to 2nd hand smoke, I get a yearly chest xray...not the norm but even though I'm not a smoker, my doc agrees to it. (Lung cancer is another one that doesn't present till 3rd or 4th stage and by then it's just a matter of time.)

    Ask your doctor to include a pelvic ultrasound as part of your regular yearly exams (like along with the pap smear etc). Alternatively, you can get it done privately. Catching it in 1st or 2nd stage means more options for treatment.

  • funkyderek


    Funkyderek, in honor of your style... do you even know the meaning of TACT? You are unbelievably insensitive, rude and boorish.

    Wow! Insensitive, rude and boorish, all in one short sentence. How do I do it? In fact, I thought I'd done a good job of reining in my baser tendencies. It really annoys me when somebody pastes an article designed to scare people and stir up trouble, without doing a moment's research. How long should I have spent crafting my reply to make sure her feelings weren't hurt?

  • BrendaCloutier

    Ok. 2nd hand account.

    I have a friend still alive today and a survivor of both types of cancer discussed in this thread. She had only slightly elevated CA125 number, so it was not a good indicator. She did NOT take "normal results" answer from her doc. She had been post-menopausal for 9 years, no spotting, and she started to bleed, was bloated, and had a fever in her abdomin. FINALLY she talked the doc into doing investigative surgury. They did a laproscopy, went in, took a look, came out and scheduled her for surgury 2 days later.

    She was Stage 2, ready to mastatasize (explode). One ovary was engulfed and it had just spread to her pareteneal (sp) wall.

    She has been cancer-free for 6 years.

    She's also very pissed because her scar isn't straight and she can no longer wear a bikini! She's a great-looking 62 year old.

    We all know when there is something wrong with ourselves. Making a list of symptoms and a list of questions each year to take into the Doc is one way to remember what to ask. If the symptoms are on-going, don't take "normal" for an answer.

    I'm 47 and have been asking for bone density testing since I was 40. "We don't give that test until you are post-menopausal". My current doc said "OK". My bone density is -.75. Worth being concerned about as it is low. But in an area that calcium supplements and weight-bearing exercise will help.

    Remember - it's your life, not the doc's.



  • BrendaCloutier

    I appreciate Frannie posting this article. I also appreciate Funky for pointing out that the article is in many ways incorrect. There are too many fear-spam e-letters circulating, and most can be looked up at hoax sites. I try to research the source of these fear-letters, and don't pass them on.



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