This time I mean it....

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  • onacruse

    ((Grace)) I hear you, milady. Sometimes these boards just grind you down, and we feel a need to just lash out and say "enough is enough, already!!!"...a feeling I've myself struggled with for several months.

    However, I suspect that you and I both know that we have wayyyyy too many friends on JWD to completely and permanently leave.

    For the time being (in spite of my own recent tantrum ), I intend to simply reduce my level of posting...taking a much needed breath of fresh air, eh?

    As you see fit, of course; it's obviously your decision, and yours alone. However, I will never forget the project we worked on together, and the very significant value of the posts you've made here, helping other people.

    to you.

    From my heart,


  • morty

    .............I do miss Granny.

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs

    I'm with Dansk here. You know how to hit the spot where and when it matters!


  • bikerchic


    You are one dear sweet lady who has contributed so much to this board, I hate to see you go but I do understand your need to move beyond and get on with life. Life is so short for us all we really need to do what is best for ourselves and have some semblance of quality in our lives.

    You take care sweet Grace and I'll always have fond memories or our times in Chat and your loving, kind comments on this db.

    I'm wishing the very best for you and yours!



  • shera

    Many people love you Grace.

    I love reading your posts,many times you have made me


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