Met the Devil tonight

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  • lawrence

    These miserable bastard old-men creeps need to have a million of us, or more, picket their headquarters and branch offices monthly, send mail to each of them daily, and publish our works on sites. No man or woman should ever be forced to choose family vs. ideology. Then again, we once did too - to our shame. No, Jesus would never sanction their ways, nor would they allow Him in their KingDumb Halls - Jesus is an apostate!

  • Preston


    Just read your bio after I read your post and it reminded me if something you said:

    The best Witnesses are the ones that the general congregation views with suspicion as being "unspiritual." The ones that are shunted to the side, "marked" as being potentially bad association, are the ones that generally think more about spiritual things - that don't just "go with the flow" in the organization. Worse, the ones at the top of the congregation, that generally get the privileges and responsibilities, are the ones that have either not thought about the theological quandaries of Witness dogma, have managed to suppress such thoughts, or worst of all, have no spiritual views at all and are using the position to accentuate their personal power over others.
    By showing a depth of concern for her, even more so than any "witness" identifies what a "Christian" in my mind is. Even with as much alcohol consumption that night, you still were right
  • czarofmischief

    Thanks preston. Your kind words mean a lot, especially right now.

    Anyway, something occurred to me - there is no record of Jesus himself shunning anyone. Even when he, according to the story, knew that Judas was going to have him killed, he sent him on his way with washed feet. And some visionaries have said that they met later that night and Jesus forgave him. I'd like to think that; but then I'm sentimental.

    And Judas was supposed to be the most sinful man in history.

    How horrible:

    When my website went up two years ago,i got a bogus email from some JW hack posing as my baby sis threatening to exposing me for molesting her when she was a baby if i did not take down my website exposing the WT.

    There are no words, Danny. What horrible evil...


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