Met the Devil tonight

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  • czarofmischief

    Sure, I've been having a real bad time lately, BUT

    I was at Dave and Buster's tonight, a kind of grown up video arcade / bar / restaurant in the US of A and i saw a bugger, Richie [edit], tonight. I've known him and his sister Abby for years. They were in the congregation that diffed me. A few years ago I saw Abby and found out she was diffed too and we hung out ever since and I've tried to keep an eye out for her. But frankly, she needs her big brother. Richie. and I saw him tonight and I walked right up, blame it on the gin, broke the glass wall between us and asked him if he'd seen his sister lately. He hadn't, of course. His comfortable little evening was in danger of being ruined by reality so I just told him that she loves him very much and he should call her. His fear and shame was evident even to my drunken self. What a horrible religion, to so emasculate a man that he cannot look after his little sister. I swear by the living God, if Jesus himself stood between me and MY little sister, there would be one more crucifixion in history.

    what a crap religion. Let it be damned. Jehovah's more pissed off about it than I am, even, and I'm ALWAYS pissed off about it.


  • seeitallclearlynow
    What a horrible religion, to so emasculate a man that he cannot look after his little sister.

    So true, Czar, a man who doesn't take of those who are his own is worse than a man "without faith" according to the Bible.

    So many contradictions within the Jehovah's Witness religion it seems.

    I'm glad to see that you can see that and would always take care of your little sister.

  • Panda

    Czar of M, You are carrying the pain for so many people. There's not one thing you will be able to do to bring this brother and sister together again. He's probably happy not to have the responsibility to look after her. That's how they are. But you are friends w/ the sister and you're bound to be a good friend. And I think that for you it is good when someone else sees the good in you. At least that's how I'd feel. HUgs, Panda

  • christopherrobin

    Wow, so how is my ex fiance ??????

  • czarofmischief

    Oh, quit your damn whining...


  • CoonDawg

    I was nearly a guy like that. My she goes by Banshee...left. I let my self righteous self be a prig and shunned her. Suddenly she disappeard from our family for over a year. When I finally found her again and she let me back into her life, I vowed to never let idiology come between myself and a family member...and damn the consequences.


  • kwintestal
    What a horrible religion, to so emasculate a man that he cannot look after his little sister.

    This is the same religion that forces parents to choose between their teenage children and their religion. I went through it with my parents and was able to get through it and deal with it, but when the same thing happened to my little sister I said "Enough of that". I don't know how a parent can deal with themselves after kicking their teenage child out on the street. It's sad, and sick. I'd rather know where my child is, and give them a house to live in and disapprove of their actions, then put them in a situation where they feel that their only choice is to leave the house where who knows if they have somewhere to live, or food to eat. It really is a sick org. that can turn brother on sister, and parent on child and then be proud about it because they're doing it for "the truth". Bull shit! They're doing it for show, that's all. Of course they put a totally different, demented spin on it to make it a good thing. That's even sicker.

  • czarofmischief

    This has been bugging me, so bttt -

    I was thinking, always a dangerous activity, and realized what bugs me so much about this situation. If Jesus was on earth, do you think that he would urge his followers to disown their families? Sure, he promised that his ministry would divide people, and it sure did, but I think his loyalty to his own family, even when Mary was making him mad about the wine at Cana, led him to stretch himself.

    The WT is a liar - the end is not coming - and this boy is on the verge of losing his sister forever! What a hopeless nightmare!


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    My beloved baby sister was born year 1975 the same year as armaggeddon.I was 18 years old and made a commitment never to have kids of my own because i was wasted with a chronic disease.(severe ulcerative colitis)

    So these babies are all i have in the world: I went on to make big bucks in the construction trades and gave a fortune in cash to the Watchtower's "kingdom hall bldg. fund".

    I did so deluded by WT$ lies that this is how i would keep them safe and blessed through my WT$ "good works".Two things came out of it the congregation got wicked jealous and spiteful of my generosity.My kids were denied all the things i could have gave them with that money.


    When my website went up two years ago,i got a bogus email from some JW hack posing as my baby sis threatening to exposing me for molesting her when she was a baby if i did not take down my website exposing the WT.

    Who is this f**king evil but the Jehovah's witnessses Who???


  • Sargon
    I don't know how a parent can deal with themselves after kicking their teenage child out on the street. It's sad, and sick.

    Thats one of the sickest parts of this whole organization. Kwint, I feel sorry for you and your family. Maybe you should have spent more time counting Jehovahs.

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